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The Questionnaire : Franck Laguilliez by Carole Schmitz


Franck Laguilliez : Without artifice or frills

If very young, he experimented with the art and the universe of portraiture, it was all the people he met who enabled Franck Laguilliez to discover his vocation for photography. His first inspirations were then inspired by Bettina Rheims who declared “to be a photographer of the skin” and Mondino for his staging. Over time his gaze sharpened. Franck likes to explore, play with light to enter a reality close to the imaginary. A set of intense vibrations captured by the lens and a curious eye looking for the little extra that will make the difference. Over time, he changes skillfully from one style to another. Fascinated by humans and more particularly by artists to try to capture what at first glance we do not see. His passion, sensitivity and empathy allow anyone who abandons themselves in front of his camera to let go for at least one session. Very sensitive to the relationship he cultivates with his model, because this is what will allow him to bring out the essential, he manages to highlight the deep and sometimes hidden nature behind the faces of these known or anonymous personalities . Pictures that raise awareness of … inner beauty. Keen on using black and white, he lets himself be guided by his instinct.

In 2011, he published his first photo book with Editions Verlhac. A sort of artist’s confidences, “Raconte-moi ton Lit” features moments of life with personalities from the sport and the arts world. Then, for personal reasons, he puts his passion on hold, allowing himself to be caught up here and there by the landscapes and the faces which taunt him, but “just for fun” he argues, almost embarrassed. Regardless, he has a few projects under his belt and because one should never say never, he is currently working on a second book which will be called “on & off” … but we will not know more for the moment.


Your first photographic click?

Franck Laguilliez: Very young I came across a series of pictures by Herb Ritts, which was a real shock to me at the time. After that, I followed his work with admiration.


The man of images who inspires you?

Franck Laguillez: Without hesitating Helmut Newton, his way of photographing was unique, each of his photos exudes the urgency of living.


The image you would have liked to have done?

Franck Laguilliez: Charlotte Rampling’s nude by Helmut Newton, which is for me the perfect image.

© Helmut Newton, courtesy Helmut Newton Foundation


Which one moved you the most?

Franck Laguilliez: The Afghan with green eyes of Steve McCurry, this photo captivated me as soon as I looked at it.

© Steve McCurry


And the one that made you angry?

Franck Laguilliez: A photo of Nick Ut during a napalm attack in Vietnam

© Nick Ut


The quality necessary to be a good photographer?

Franck Laguilliez: The empathy, generosity and observation that allow us to express what the model has deep down inside.


The secret to the perfect image, if it exists?

Franck Laguillez: Succeeding in capturing the essential without artifice or frills. The exact moment that will make this photo and not another.


The camera you started out with?

Franck Laguilliez: I was eight years old, it was a Kodak Polaroid.


The one you are using today?

Franck Laguillez: Nikon D6 and Leica Q2


Your favorite drug?

Franck Laguilliez: Green tea with mint


Your greatest quality?

Franck Laguilliez: Listening


An image to illustrate a new banknote?

Franck Laguilliez: This would be the photo of Dorothea Lange (Migrant mother) from 1936.


The job that you would not have liked to do ?

Franck Laguilliez : A job where routine would have prevented me from creating and escaping


Your biggest extravaganza as a photographer?

Franck Laguilliez : My collection of photo books, an endless inspiration.


Your biggest regret?

Franck Laguilliez: Never had the opportunity to photographed Romy Schneider. For me this woman had the ideal photogeny.


Instagram or snapchat?

Franck Laguilliez: Instagram


Color or B&W?

Franck Laguilliez: Black & White off course


Daylight or artificial light?

Franck Laguilliez: Daylight


If God existed would you ask him to pose for you, or would you go for a selfie with him?

Franck Laguilliez: A portrait of a god on the roofs of Paris, that could not be bad (smile)


The image that represents for you the current state of the world?

Franck Laguilliez: A photo of Michael Klippfeld


Website :

Instagram : francklaguilliez

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