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Discover here our coverage of all the photographic exhibitions in the world, in galleries, museums or cultural spaces, with analyzes, reviews, interviews, and portfolios of images.

Sissi Farassat – Hotel Orient

Sissi Farassat‘s photographs embroidered with threads, sequins and Swarovski crystals first seduce us like the shop window of a jeweller, from which collars and earrings send their glittering rays into…

Kristian Gavoille – Naked

In 2000 I discovered Japan and these pixels that hide sex and hair system. To sublimate the desire in pornographic films, pixelation filled the screen giving a beautiful and incoherent…

Harry Benson in Moscow

Harry Benson’s exhibition, The Beatles and beyond opened at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography on September 28, 2019, and remain there until January 2020. Afterward the exhibition will travel to…

Amaury da Cunha – Demeure

The photographic work of Amaury da Cunha often creates an atmosphere of trouble. Beings and things are there without being really there, one would say. Faced with his images, are we…


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