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PhotographyPortfolios of readers

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates its edition to the portfolios of its readers. This section is our online gallery for photographers presenting their work. You will find here a selection of the best portfolios. This is an opportunity for photographers around the world to broadcast their work and share their vision.

Maren Klemp, Utopia

Growing up in the 1990’s I never experienced limitations because of my gender. I took it for granted that I could be whatever I wanted to be. It was not…

Paul D’Haese, Borderline

Work in progress, made during walks along the North French coasts, with the photographic mission of DATAR (’84), the Atlantic Wall and migration as a reference. I focus on the…

Radoslaw Pujan, Women

A few months ago, we published a Radoslaw Pujan’s portfolio. Today, he publishes his book! Here are some pictures. – Jean-Jacques Naudet All photographs were made on film and printed…

Alena Grom, The Womb

In a Soviet visual culture miners and metallurgists were often compared to Prometheus, outcast and brave demigod – semi-human. According to the legend, Prometheus had created people from soil and…

Send us your portfolios

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates itself to the portfolios of its readers. By publishing the best portfolios, the magazine enables photographers around the world to show case their photographs. To…


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