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PhotographyPortfolios of readers

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates its edition to the portfolios of its readers. This section is our online gallery for photographers presenting their work. You will find here a selection of the best portfolios. This is an opportunity for photographers around the world to broadcast their work and share their vision.

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Pierre Moreau – 7/7

The images presented are taken from a series made during the autumn of 2017. During seven days of the seventh floor of an apartment, from sunrise to sunset I photographed…

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Patrick Bastide – Ancient wings

Caravelle, Mirage III, Noratlas, Breguet “Deux-Ponts”, Alouette, Djinn, F-101B Voodoo, Vampire … historical aeronautical mechanics! For more than 35 years, the association Ailes Anciennes Toulouse has been saving and restoring…

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Olivia Marty – 727

In my series titled ‘recOllectiOn’, my work took as a starting point childhood memories, family photographs from the 1950s, whereupon I reconstructed and re-enacted scenes from the past in the…

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Marco Sanges – Wunderkamera

I always be greatly attracted to cinema and in partcular the luminous Black and White films of the silent era, I create photographs in sequence. Every sequence tells a unique, mult-layered story, creating a highly personal, imaginary cinema. Like a in a movie, I unfolds the story with bigger than life characters, lavish costumes and the core is reminiscent of Surrealism, especially the Visual and Performing Arts of the ‘20s and ‘30s. Magnifying imagination beyond imagination, the surrealistic feel of my work represents the liberation of the unconscious, the rejection of established values and a concrete effort to illustrate extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds, there is an enchanting, yet dark side to my work, an intriguing depth that appears to be destined to highlight the drama of life and capture the sincerity of the journey,  the scenes of intimacy that confront human vulnerability, challenging our own fragility. My work makes the spectators enter an emotional journey so they can find themselves absorbed in the narrative, visual richness and the power of story telling. Although fascinated by digital arts,I strongly believes in the immortality of film, the real essence of photography.  Photography is a mystery and every mystery should remain unveiled. “There is something remarkable about those pictures, something …

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Vincent Peal – World News

In the street, I saw dozens of faces, each telling incredible stories, hard, beautiful, fun and sometimes complicated; but in these faces there is a whole universe to discover and…


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