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All archives of The Eye of Photography are classified by theme in this section. It contains various articles about photography art, exclusive interviews of famous photographers, an economic section, public or private collections presentations along with the latest trends in the photography world which are to be discovered in the magazine.

Stephen Cohen has Passed Away

Stephen Cohen, founder of Photo L.A. and longtime Los Angeles gallery owner has passed away. He began his career selling photos and books in […]…

Jean-Christophe Clamagirand

SOMETHING IN THE EYES… Solitude: A word that frightens, synonymous with sadness, expectation, feelings of abandonment, exclusion, failure, depression. Solitude, however, may be chosen […]…

Bruce Cassaday

CONNECTIONS For over 50 years, American photographer and jazz musician, Bruce Cassaday, has appreciated moments of humanity that blend natural and mechanical forces. The […]…

Alan Dub

IRRAWADDY FERRIES 10 dead in 2012, 50 dead in 2015, 72 dead in 2016, almost every year Burma records shipwrecks of ferries on its […]…


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