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Jean-Marie Seveno : Horizons Suspendus


Nature is only beautiful if it is real. It defies us, escapes us and that is its beauty.

A manifesto for the living, Horizons Suspendus (Suspended Horizons) is an ode, a praise of nature, silence and the passage of time. It’s a trace not to forget.

On a human scale photography is a recent art. Man has always felt the need to leave his mark, rock paintings attest to this. The image, in any form whatsoever, is often more evocative than long speeches, it reveals the unconscious and a vision of reality, it invites you to tell a story as it bears witness to the smallest facts.

In constant pursuit of excellence, Man has never been so connected as today. However, he becomes more and more detached from his environment. Paradoxical situation since it is an integral part of him. How did he get rid of it? The planet is often seen only as a reservoir that nourishes and warms him, as a hobby in which he digs for his own needs, to the detriment of living things. Suspended Horizons is the breath of this nature that reminds us that we belong to it.

This book is not an inventory. At my humble level, I am keen to share all the poetry I love to observe. Much more naturalist than philosopher, my words alone cannot testify to the disaster that our environment is undergoing. Photography is for me a means of expression, the one that allows me to manifest the realities of nature. In my work, I have chosen to inhabit my testimonies of the beauty of the nature that surrounds us by inviting myself into the wild world. In my opinion, it is by sublimating reality, capturing the imaginary and evoking the journey that we manage to educate everyone.

With Horizons Suspendus, I decided to highlight iconic species by traveling through some regions of the world untouched by humans. They are inseparable from their sanctuary but are so few in number that you might think they are pipe dreams. Without them, the balance would be upset. These natural wonders are essential to the harmony of their ecosystem, but also for the well-being of humanity. However, the escapades and expansion needs of the latter have consequences which are at least not insignificant if not irreversible. By destroying nature, Man runs to his destruction. Some species are endangered, others have been reintroduced but all suffer directly or indirectly from his action. They constitute various ecosystems that harmonize with each other. When one of them sees one of his actors disappear, his entire biotope is affected.

While waiting for a collective awareness that would lead everyone to take the greatest care, I invite you to discover new horizons.

Jean-Marie Seveno 


Jean-Marie Seveno: Horizons Suspendus

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