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Birdy Tg – The Fabulous Opera, Architectures


Birdy Tg is a multimedia artist, visual artist (photographer, painter, sculptor), writer (novelist, essayist, poet) and musician (author / composer). Art critics have described Birdy Tg’s work as conceptual, philosophical, narrative, allegorical, dreamlike, romantic, symbolic and diegetic. The artist most often questions human nature and its equivocal and dangerous border zones beyond which everything can suddenly switch, but also the human soul and its emotional imprints, and all the great mysteries of life to which man has always been confronted  through History, Art, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Religion and Science.

In his visual work, Birdy Tg very often uses Photography in an unconventional way. He uses photographic pixels as a painter works with his pigments and brushes on the canvas. Moreover, he does not abstain from using concomitantly in his works, photography, drawing and painting. His artistic goal is to recreate the splendor and the sharp sense of detail, the exuberance of signs and codes, which made the great days of classical painting, but in a very contemporary way, adapted to our time, using all the modern technologies at his disposal, not hesitating to invent and develop new ones.

If he fully masters all photographic techniques – from film and digital photography from fashion shows to studio shoots, from landscape photography, architecture and street scenes, to the macro and proxiphotography – he totally excludes to think of them as an end in itself, but only as a means to reach its paradigm.

His favorite artistic expression lies, undoubtedly, in the production of very large complex frescoes, elaborated by digital collages and other mediums, in which he can go as far as to include several thousand individual pictures and several hundreds of drawn or painted parts, imposing on him a very long and meticulous achievement that may require up to more than 6 months of constant work for the realization of a single painting, thus making the work of Birdy Tg one of the most accomplished in the world in his speciality.

His very large formats take the viewer inside his particular personal universe, for an experrience of total immersion, really inviting him to a treasure hunt. This is how Birdy Tg encourages his public to go beyond  traditional passivity to become a  real actor involved at the center of an investigation and of a reflection that allow him to take a stand on the underlying philosophical questioning that he submits him to.

At MoCA Beijing, Birdy Tg presents his series “The Fabulous Opera” and “In the Garden of God and the Devil” as well as a selection of his “Architectures”.



Birdy Tg
From September 15 to October 15, 2018
Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA)

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