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The Questionnaire : Antoine Verglas by Carole Schmitz


Antoine Verglas : Beauty Only Is Boring

Parisian by origin, Antoine Verglas began his career as a model and then as a television host before turning to photography. Very quickly he moved to New York. Known for having photographed the most famous models such as Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and even Cindy Crawford, he has his own way of capturing beauty and aesthetics. He is patient and passionate. With great delicacy, he manages to slip into the privacy of the person in front of his camera, without ever betraying her … Result: his images have been published in Elle, Esquire, GQ, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Vogue . What inspires him is simple: desire, beauty, aesthetics, success, seduction, charm … and much more. Like Peter Lindbergh, he thinks that “beauty is boring”. In his eyes, ugliness is superior to beauty, because it lasts. As far as he is concerned, the too beautiful, too perfect can be boring, he prefers charm and seduction. His luxuries: being able to choose to say no or yes, independence and freedom.


Your first photographic click? 

Antoine Verglas : as a kid at the zoo…. Then, my girlfriend when I was 20 years old, she was a Swedish model …


The man of images who inspires you? 

Antoine Verglas : Newton, Bourdin, Herb Ritts and Lindbergh are the 4 most inspiring photographers to me.


The image you would have liked to have done? 

Antoine Verglas : Time square 1945 the kiss Eisenstaedt I was not born yet …


The one that moved you the most? 

Antoine Verglas : The man falling from the twin towers on fire


And the one that made you angry? 

Antoine Verglas : I rarely get angry, I try to understand


The quality necessary to be a good photographer?

Antoine Verglas : Curiosity and humanity …


The secret to the perfect image, if it exists? 

Antoine Verglas : Luck sometimes … timing … It all depends on what kind of photos you take, very different for architecture or interior photos


The camera you started out with? 

Antoine Verglas : Nikon F1


The one you are using today? 

Antoine Verglas : Pentax 6×7. Canon mark 4 digital …


Your favorite drug? 

Antoine Verglas : Tequila and Coffee


Your greatest quality? 

Antoine Verglas : Optimism and positivism


An image to illustrate a new banknote? 

Antoine Verglas : Bitcoin


The job that you would not have liked to do ? 

Antoine Verglas : Ski lift ticket clerk


Your biggest extravaganza as a photographer? 

Antoine Verglas : To Travel on a privatized Concorde for the group limited from JFK to Nice in May 2001 for the Cannes Festival with all the Victoria Secret’s models


Your biggest regret? 

Antoine Verglas : Always Wanted to shoot Madonna… didn’t happen…


Instagram, Tik Tok or Snapchat? 

Antoine Verglas : Instagram. I m old school … (:


Color or B&W? 

Antoine Verglas : Black and white, but I do not abandon color


Daylight or artificial light? 

Antoine Verglas : Both …


If God existed would you ask him to pose for you, or would you go for a selfie with him? 

Antoine Verglas : Posing … I’m not selfie addicted …


The image that represents for you the current state of the world? 

Antoine Verglas : Right now, the mask



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