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The Photographer’s Way : A Creative Project About What It Takes To Become A Visual Artist : Katalin Szaraz


To celebrate World Photography Day and visual artists from all over the world, Depositphotos, a content marketplace with over 210 million images, music, and videos, is introducing a new project called “The Photographer’s Way”. Over the next 2 weeks we will present 2 portfolios a week from their selection, this is : Katalin Szaraz.


Katalin Szaraz

A Hungarian photographer and filmmaker based in Paris, who explores the subject of “home” through personal storytelling.

“If you have the courage to open up about personal issues through your work, it can result in powerful art.”

I grew up in a small town called Vác in Hungary. Creating things was part of my life from a young age, and I am grateful that my parents have always supported me in becoming a visual artist.

My mother is a teacher and my father is a sailor, so it was natural for him to be away for months. As a child, I always received postcards from different countries, and followed my father’s journey on the big world map in our living room. I think this played a role in how I live today. Traveling, saying goodbye, and reuniting with my family has always been a big part of my life.

During the last 8 years, I have lived in Belgium, Hungary, Germany, and France. I also traveled for a project to Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Indonesia. In the end, I traveled across the Indian Ocean to Australia, and then came back to France.

However, when I moved to Belgium for my Master’s degree, I started dealing with the issue of having a ‘rootless’ lifestyle. When I came back to Hungary, I suddenly felt less at home there, and it became harder to define where I belong. This issue bothered me, so I decided to translate my feelings into “Nocturne”, which eventually became my Master’s project. Since then, this issue has been my main subject. I continued to develop it through my latest project called “Unsettled”.

In this project, I began to experiment with Polaroid emulsion lifts to reflect on my ‘rootless’ mindset and lifestyle. I created floating self-portraits that expressed a hovering and crumpled state. This project helped me formulate my thoughts and feelings, and made the concept of “home” more tangible.

I still continue to work on this project today, and it is already exhibited in Budapest.

In these years, I learned that if you have the courage to open up about personal issues through your work, it can result in powerful art.



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