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Lianzhou 2011 –Sun Yanchu


How much truth and opinions does a photo deliver?

I do not know, and I only know that I am reluctant about stopping down. As the world interchanges the reality and fantasy, I press down my camera many times to seek for the a sudden encountering by chance with something spiritual, so that get a temporary escape and incomparable pleasant sensation. I am keeping on, and deeply indulge among them…

In case I indulge in this fragile and vain world, regardless of shooting a litter of woods, a view of a youngster something like who go forward to the wonderful wizard of Oz, a leg that likes a zipper… All of them are just a moment of my collision of the reality, as well as the marks of a trembling heart…

I like d auspicious, and prefer to the moment of feeling the truth out when the flashlights are turned on. Can the truth be really out? God knows! The camera is just a continuation between my eyes and emotions, so I shoot what I want basically. I have said that photography for me is a series of my romantic affairs and adventure, and I always ready for a sudden encountering by chance with something spiritual.

There are no specific purposes of taking these photos, and all of these are boring ways and vents, which get rid of the reality and release repeatedly every day. When I am boring, I will ride a bicycle or go for a walk, and plunge into the boundless suburbs or wilderness. No matter where I should run for in a jungle filled with weeds, and whom I met; No matter what I did or what I did not do in the dark night, I just keep singing like a poet who stands on the wilderness between reality and the heart. Yet my verses are the mysterious pieces the moment I press down the camera. The pressing moment, it cannot be express at many times, the status and the facts are complicated and pure. The opus is far from the advantages of hidden behavior. Because of the potential passion in the opus, taking photos has a masturbation attempt. I will not take photos for anyone; of course, there is someone willing to tolerate my photos. Yes, it’s what I said, the TOLERANCE, and even disgusting and uneasy. Only one thing that I concern is reflecting my life and express a real ME, a complicated reality, human reality. I am now looking for reality, but the reality is mysterious. So I wish I can roaming relentless of my own mysterious.

Life is a spiritual test. You should never consider that I always seek for tragedy while taking photos or my pleasant sensation comes from self-taking photos. However, my scenes of tragedy bring pleasure (sometimes extreme sorrow)-this is an unusual psychology, which cannot be tolerated. But if there is no pleasant sensation, the photos would not exist.

These pictures have no single topic; everyone can leave with their dreams in it. If someone stayed after reading, and express their resonance and exclamations to me, I will be satisfied. I hope to stay the photos there; it looks not materials but their essence. Photos have changed my thoughts to some visible things, though these thoughts are without explanation, photos will supply for it.

You should never think that there’re no doubts, no regrets, no anxiety or no upset. Occasionally, I benefit the pleasant sensation and trap into pain at the same time. Thanks to such a conflict, the heartfelt anxiety, which the shooting brings, will be covered… Therefore, the photos become touching and spiritual, and these photos have exceeded the individual poetic expressions.

Sun Yanchu

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