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Festival Les femmes s’exposent : The Winners


Les femmes s’exposent has revealed the winner of the new emerging creation grant and the two awards of the ‘Les femmes s’exposent’ festival.

“Inughuit. Guardian of the Ice” by Camille Michel
Emerging Creative Scholarship.
Porosus Endowment Fund x Régnier Fund for Creation x Les femmes s’exposent.
The northernmost indigenous people in the world, residing in northern Greenland, the Inughuit are descendants of the Inuit of Canada. They live mainly from fishing and traditional hunting. Their territory consists of a town and three villages, with a total of 700 souls.
Far from stereotypes, Greenland has evolved and modernized, while maintaining a responsible way of life. Their respectful relationship with the environment has allowed them to survive in extreme conditions, while preserving the fragile ecosystem. The Inughuit, guardians of the Earth’s 2nd ice cap, are the first victims of climate change. Despite this, they adapt with ingenuity to new environmental challenges. Their resilience is a poignant testament to human adaptation. The project presents a model of ecological society, showing that modernity and responsibility can coexist.

“Djinns and Dragons” by Fiora Garenzi
SAIF PRICE x Les femmes s’exposent, on the dream.
Carried out in March 2024, this project questions the ecological, gender and identity issues that divide Socotra Yemen in the Indian Ocean, an island at the crossroads of worlds. These documentary images tinged with poetry tell the story of this isolated territory imbued with magic, subtly exploring the myths and legends of the island still perceptible today. At the same time, Fiora Garenzi takes a feminine look at a patriarchal world where women were still accused of witchcraft in periods of crisis until the 1960s. As in a dream, these photographs seem to plunge us into a timeless vision of this island. full of mystery.
She says: “This island is such a dream setting that one would believe it was intact, even if its inhabitants already deplore the changes undergone by the landscape. Fracture in beauty, to evoke Socotra was to produce a documentary which dissociates as much as it combines nature with culture, the anchored with the ephemeral, the history of the island with the stories that make the island.”

“The Serpent’s Embrace” by Anaïs Oudart
FUJIFILM PRIZE x Les femmes s’exposent, on solidarity.
Since 1996, repeated wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have caused more than 5 million deaths. The attacks by neighboring countries, including Rwanda and Uganda, have been marked by serious human rights violations including rape and large-scale massacres. Armed groups specifically target women’s reproductive systems. A war is being waged on their bodies, which has become the new battlefield. The objective is to scare away the population in order to seize the basements rich in minerals. This war of aggression, transformed into a war of pillage, makes the DRC a country where sexual violence is used as a weapon of war.
This work carried out between 2019 and 2023, in North and South Kivu, documents the daily lives of survivors of sexual violence: in the hospital during their care and reconstruction journey, in solidarity mutuals where they organize among themselves to overcome their trauma, break the silence and break with the cycle of violence.
With the support of the 2022 documentary photography grant from Cnap.


Les femmes s’exposent 2024
June 7 – September 1, 2024
Houlgate, Normandy

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