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Francesca Di Bonito, Organic selfies


Looking in the mirror, checking compliance, recording the differences that define an identity: the passage of time on the skin marks the signs of an inexorable advance. Inscribed in the daily life of our bodies, the transmutations of the intimate are absorbed or rejected according to more and more virtual standards. In an era where touch and experience evaporate in the vast field of social networks, sharing and interaction are anonymous, and individualities are formatted to go beyond the most natural boundaries. A sublimated identity is then entrusted to a manipulated image, an aesthetic metamorphosis that goes beyond appearance or embellishment. A depersonalized and synthesized self-reflection, a fantasy avatar in search of appreciations and consensus, also virtual. In ORGANIC SELFIES, the real of the epidermis is ironically framed by patterns and digital effects from computer applications (Snapchat, Facebook) and inserted at the time of shooting. At the heart of bucolic and jovial scenographies, the flow of time on anonymous skins is displayed without sublimation or smoothing, exposing the naturalness of physical mutations and thus underlining the uniqueness and variety of any identity.

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