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Our video section containing a large archive of interviews with photographers and historical documents.

Georges Tourdjman by Philippe Abergel

Philippe Abergel is a photographer living in Paris for about thirty years. Organizing workshops in various schools (École des Gobelins, EFET), he also makes documentaries about photographers. Two weeks ago,…

Kolectiv Provoke : Angels

Angels is a film by Kolectiv Provoke. Two dancers evolving in a somewhat-factory, dancing in all rooms. A movie inspired by the cinema and poetry of Andrei Tarkovsky. …

Frank Horvat by Philippe Abergel

His name: Philippe Abergel. He is a Parisian-based photographer for about thirty years and organizes workshops with Les Gobelins and the EFET schools. He also makes documentaries about photographers. Today,…

Douglas Kirkland : That Click

Luca Severi’s documentary film “That Click, the legendary photography of Douglas Kirkland.” Has just been shown at the Santa Barbara Festival. Here is the […]…

A film about Gilles Caron’s gaze

This Wednesday, January 29th, 2019, the film “Histoire d’un Regard” by director Mariana Otero was released in theaters. This first-person documentary searches, with much […]…


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