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Author Paola Sammartano

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Marco Gualazzini – Resilient

Resilient is an exhibition (at Forma Meravigli, in Milan), a book (published by Contrasto), but above all the testimony of a world – the African world –that is able to…

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Charles Fréger : Fabula

 Fabula by Charles Fréger, on stage at the Armani/Silos in Milan, goes together with an original storyline and a little bit  magic and amazement, all of them essential elements of…

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Sarah Moon and fascination with time

Two simultaneous exhibitions dedicated to the creativity and elegance of Sarah Moon’s artwork are on in Milan. It’s a golden opportunity to soak up the suspended-in-time atmosphere of her photos…

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Willy Ronis: Photographs 1934-1998

Venice: an interesting retrospective dedicated to Willy Ronis (1910-2009) is on at the Casa dei Tre Oci – a fascinating example of neo-Gothic architecture facing St Mark’s square. The lagoon…

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Italian Panorama at Armani / Silos

November in Milan: it’s time to explore exhibitions, events and talks connected to the Photo Vogue Festival 2018. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the strong link between images…

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Photo Vogue Festival 2018 – Milan

Photo Vogue Festival, the international festival devoted to fashion photography, involves the whole city of Milan with talks, exhibitions and events. For its 3rd edition, it focuses on  the role of photography…


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