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Visa pour Image 2020 / ESJ PRO : At Visa pour Image, workshops to become active spectators


In addition to the festival, the Centre international de photojournalisme de Perpignan offers education workshops to image awareness, open to all. With the aim of raising awareness to the possible manipulation of photos.

With an empty frame in hand, Stéphane Ferrer paces the exhibition “Drought and flood in India” by Bryan Denton. The young photojournalist goes from prints to prints, offers cropping or highlights the main lines of the photos, under the gaze of the six participants in the image education workshop. A father with his three daughters, a retiree from Perpignan and Patricia, passing through the Pyrénées-Orientales. “I’ve been to the exhibitions before, but this is different. We learn to develop our critical eye, to take a step back, ”explains the 42-year-old Franco-Venezuelan.

The workshops start at the Centre international de photojournalisme (CIP) with a quick introduction to the profession of a reporter, and the rules for composing a photo. Then head to the exhibitions to practice. The major challenge for Stéphane Ferrer is to succeed in adjusting his speech to a very varied audience. “It’s suitable for children, we choose themes they can understand, simple vocabulary. Creating games that bring together a lot of people, ”points out the winner of the Visa OFF Discovery Award 2017.

Game of dice

Last Sunday, for the first workshop of the series, his colleague Lionel Pedraza launched a blind man’s haul. Gathered in pairs, participants were asked to choose a photo of Peter Turnley, and describe it precisely enough for their partner to locate it. A way of becoming aware of the strong elements of a composition.

This Wednesday, the game is running with dice. Each number corresponds to a treatment – wide shot, detail, low angle shot … A dice, and each participant goes in search of the corresponding image. “It’s not that easy, even for adults. The angles are not as sharp as in the photos they used as example, “notes Patricia. “In past years, the workshops for children and adults were separate. This year, with the pandemic, we mixed them and that brings good things, underlines Bénédicte Vincent, cultural mediator at the CIP. Children often bring up questions that adults dare not ask. ”

Informal exchanges

Once the question of angles has been reviewed, Stéphane Ferrer distributes frames to reflect on the compositions. “In this photo, the woman is in the middle, not a little on the side,” remarks little Jeanne. “The photographer chose not to respect the rule of thirds, perhaps to give importance to his subject,” replies his colleague. We can break the codes, to emphasize a chaotic side for example, as in these monsoon photos. ”

For older children, the workshops are also an opportunity to interact informally with a photojournalist. Photo advice, questions about reportages or working methods. Nicole comes out satisfied. “Today I learned a lot about framing. There is no point in wanting to show everything in a photo, you have to choose. I’ll try to learn the lesson at the next family reunion, ”smiles the retiree. Once the festival is over, she would definitely come back to CIP, for a photography workshop this time.

Nelly Didelot

Free workshops, organized on August 30, 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 September from 10 am to 11 am and from 3 pm to 4pm. At the Couvent des Minimes. Information  +33 6 72 66 52 41.

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