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Unseen Jubilee edition 16th-18th Sept 2022, Amsterdam, galleries 4


Gallery Japanesque Paris : Yasuo Kiyonaga (images 1-2)

We will present two works by the Japanese artist Yasuo Kiyonaga with the theme of nature.
In “Spirit of Forest”, Kiyonaga has photographed and developed his unique images of forest spirits that he has encountered in the depths of the Japanese forest.
In “Woods of Strife” he tries to describe a distance between humans and nature, based on the sacred forests of Mount Kurama in Kyoto.
Both works are masterpieces of Kiyonaga’s view of nature and his artistic philosophy that transcends the figurative and abstract.

Gallery Japanesque Paris
75006 Paris
+33 (0)7 49 40 05 98
[email protected]


Hangar : Isabel Muñoz, Kíra Krász & Alice Pallot (images 3-4)
Hangar presents a group show of 3 female artists, driven by the same commitment to the photographic medium and its ecological impact. Each artist has her own way of expressing the urgency, the finite nature (life and death) and the dangers facing the planet.
2 young talents supported by Hangar and a recognised artist present 3 entirely new and unseen projects.

Isabel Muñoz has taken an “ecological turn” after her encounter with the seabed and her awareness of the arrival of the 5th element – plastic – in this ecosystem. It is also a human encounter with the free-diver, Ai, a holder of world records and climate ambassador in Japan, the model and muse who inspired the artist in her new approach, culminating in the creation of a new printing process that consists of using coral powder: coralotipia. A number of unique pieces will be presented at Unseen.

By using nothing but old paper (recycled) and practising the technique of collage, Kíra Krász’s images create a bucolic and phantasmagorical world that draws on our collective imagination. For Unseen, Kíra Krász explores new creations linked to nature and its need for attention.

Alice Pallot works on the paradox between the destructive impact of humans and the life force of the elements: volcanoes, polluted and rege­nerated zones, microorganisms, mushrooms, etc. Toxic algae, her new project was selected for Résidence 1+2 in Toulouse. This collaboration between scientists and photographer will result in a new series called Algues maudites, displayed for the first time at Unseen.
More work of Alice Pallot in collaboration with De Anima can be seen at UNBOUND.

1050 Brussels Belgium
+32 (0)2 538 00 85
[email protected]


Homecoming Gallery: Fenna Schilling, Eddie Wrey, Derrick Ofosu Boateng (image 5-6)

Fenna Schilling (NL)
Fenna Schilling’s distinct graphic compositions of objects, nature and landscapes highlight the beauty of the everyday. Through manually cut and digitally reworked collages, elements are stripped fromits original context and function. While new analogue and digital hybrid still life’s emerge from her painterly play with perception, scale, shape, texture and colour.

Eddie Wrey (UK)
Eddie Wrey is a familair name in the world of fashion -known for his ethereal stylized documentary photography and vibrant palettes shooting campaigns for clients like Miu Miu, Dior etc.
Growing up between the English countryside and the Sri Lankan jungle and surrounded by camera’s and a darkroom at home, Wrey’s love for photography developed early on. As a boy, his camera became his tool to get closer to the people and cultures that intrigued him. His personal project Adjamé was conveiced with similar intentions; a celebration of the strength and agility of the women vendor sellers at this main marketplace of West Africa in Abidjan. Showcasing the wealth of produce of the region the series also marks Wrey’s debut in the fine art space demonstrating his distinct sculptural and painterly signature.  Eddie Wrey is represented by NY / London CLM Agency.

Derrick Ofosu Boateng (GH)
Derrick Ofosu Boateng’s photography is bursting with the colours, joy and pride of life in Accra, Ghana. Through his distinctive use of composition and a bold colour palette, Derrick turns mundane settings into painting like pictures. He started photographing as a reaction to the negative stereotypes on Africa in the media. Aiming to shift perceptions on Africa as a whole and to seek the human connection, there’s a powerful and upbeat energy omni present throughout his body of work.

When he started sharing his work on Instagram in 2018, his photography literally became his gateway to the world, connecting with audiences from all around the world – from clients like Google to fashion house Louis Vuitton and iconic rapper Common – whose latest albums covers ‘A Beautiful Revolution part 1&2’ are Derrick’s.

Homecoming Gallery
Amsterdam The Netherlands
+31 6 29896950
[email protected]


Human Playground: Hannelore Vandenbussche (images 7-8)

Belgian photographer Hannelore Vandenbussche will proudly present her first documentary photography project ‘Human Playground – Why We Play’ at UNSEEN 2022.
This one of its kind fine art collection highlights the many fascinating ways humans experience sport in the form of ancient rituals, rites of passage, business, pain, perfection and sacredness. Hannelore Vandenbussche her photos give a glimpse into some of the most phenomenal playgrounds on the planet, the people who engage in the games and the extremes they’re will to go to. The Human Playground exposition at UNSEEN invites us all to discover the universal world of play.

1012 RV Amsterdam The Netherlands
+ 31 6 20 21 90 37
[email protected]



For Unseen 2022, IBASHO is presenting a solo exhibition of works by the Japanese artist Sayuri Ichida consisting of two recent series, Absentee and E3 2JH. Ichida who was born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1985, lives and works in Margate, UK.
Ichida’s series ‘Absentee’ from 2021 was created during the corona pandemic. Ichida has made the following statement on ‘Absentee’:

“In this series, I focus on the temporality of our existence. … This body of work is an evocative depiction of a sense of detachment, an absence, from self and reality. … We have a tendency to neglect our own mortality. Our attempts to evade death thoughts are inevitably challenged, and we are forced to acknowledge our own fragility. A visceral recognition surfaces at times, reminding us of the transience of life.”

We will not only exhibit her archival pigment prints on Kozo paper, but also a work printed on voile. During UNSEEN Ichida’s book ‘Absentee’, being published by the(M) éditions & IBASHO, will be launched as well at the UNSEEN book fair.

We will also exhibit Ichida’s newest works, a series of still lives called ‘E3 2JH’, another lockdown project finished in 2021. This series is a study in constructive form within a limited domestic space. It explores the capacity to control lines and forms employing gravitational tension.

The postal code employed for the title – which also indicates the area where her photoshoot took place – and was previously heavily industrial. All the objects and building construction debris depicted in the series were collected on the streets near her studio.

Constructivism influenced her perceptual composition. The relationship between objects and the space left empty – or “Yohaku”, a concept brought by Buddhist priest-artists from China to Japan in the 12th century – plays an important role in this work. The silence between the lines invites contemplation.

Photography is a reproduction of reality, and this work is Ichida’s performative reproduction of debris left behind the urbanisation.

Antwerpen Belgium
+32 (0)32162028
[email protected]


Ingrid Deuss Gallery: Frieke Janssens, Gert Motmans & Isabel Miquel Arques & Joost Vandebrug (images 11-12)

Joost Vandebrug‘Exhilarating’ is a story about light and positivity. It started, however, in 2017 at a dark place. Overwhelmed by anxiety, the author found himself stuck in his home in the countryside of France. Inside the house, he had reduced his living and sleeping area to an old chaise longue that stood next to the window, where his anxiety seemed most manageable. Through the window, all he saw was the repetition of days going into nights – from darkness to light and from light to darkness. Getting out of that state, was like learning to walk again, and the 4-year journey that followed is what ‘Exhilarating’ is about.

Each work in ‘Exhilarating’ consists of one hundred small handmade paper cards depicting vast and overwhelming mountain scapes, which were photographed a few hours before dusk, each day. All individual works arranged together, in a diagonal fashion, display the full range of these magical golden hours that separate day and night. They are one hundred moments in time, inseparable to form one work, and in turn, connected to become the series as a whole. Each step embraces the fragility of the process, and consequently the imperfections that might emerge, that in turn, have become an essential part of the works as a whole.

Frieke Janssens / Lightness
With Lightness Frieke Janssens has created a cathartic photo series, tapping into our urge to escape and our individual quest for a sense of purpose and meaning. Her compositions explore the visual dichotomy between weightlessness and gravity, water and air, aesthetics and imperfection. Using the sea and its eternal ebb and flow as a backdrop, the photographer contemplates the universal enigma do we ever know /understand each other?

Gert Motmans / Now it’s day, but I am dreaming
Gert Motmans photocollages are a welcome antithesis in a digital era where smartphones & digital media rule. Motmans’ work soothes because his images attention. They invite the viewer to stroll, wander, get lost or even disappear in them.
Gert Motmans is a craftsman. He often chooses to work with analog techniques and to develop his images in the darkroom. He works with materials such as handmade Japanese paper or weathered / yellowed papers he finds in vintage stocks. In this way he breathes new life into traditional techniques and old materials.

Isabel Miquel Arques / A Study on Movement and Imperfections
A selection of works from 2013 to the present day gives us a glimpse into Isabel Miquel Arques’ search for the soul of the medium of photography. Averse to a technically accurate reproduction, the artist resolutely opts for the imperfection of experimentation. With attention to materiality, transparency, texture and tactility, she approaches her prints and screen prints as physical objects, sculptures present in time and space.

Next to this series , Ingrid Deuss , will present the book Beyond Borders. It’s a dialogue with Karen Blixen and is part of a trilogy that is an artistic dialogue between the artist and female icons such as Karen Blixen, Virginia Woolf and Georgia O’Keeffe

On the occasion of the publication editor Ludion and the artist launch a limited collector’s edition. One hundred copies are a Special Edition for collectors, and each of these will be signed, numbered, and wrapped in a hand-printed serigraph on canvas. The serigraph is handmade, so the book Is unique In every way…

Ingrid Deuss Gallery
2018 Antwerp Belgium
+32 475 56 22 83
[email protected]


INSIDE OUT GALLERY – BRUSSELS: Derrick O. Boateng, Justin Dingwall & Iwajla Klinke (Images 13-14)

The theme of our exhibition will be “the portrait”
A portrait is not just a portrait. it is much more than that.
It can be idealized to valorise the model, to reflect his or her personality or to transcribe the artist’s perception.
It is not always true to reality. It may be created for political, social or personal reasons, and questions the role of image and representation.
It may render the physical appearance of the model, but it may also reflect his or her social status or try to convey the psychological qualities of the person.

Around this theme we will exhibit 3 artists:

  • our booming iPhone artist from Ghana, Derrick O. Boateng: his work is about the rehabilitation of the image of Africa
  • Justin Dingwall from South Africa: the series we will present is about the alternatives paths we sometimes have to travel in life
  • Iwajla Klinke from Germany: a questioning on our identity(ies) through her portraits of people in transition and metamorphoses”

inside-out art gallery
brussels – belgium
+32 473 68 09 69
[email protected]


Josilda da Conceição Gallery: Joeri Woudstra & Inge Schoutsen (image 15-16)

Both artists will present a hybrid overview following the path from lens-based work to installation. Contrasting approaches towards the object trouvé engage in conversation, the memorial audiovisual reconstructed compositions of Woudstra against the semiotic imagery of Schoutsen.

At Unseen Joeri Woudstra (1993) will show a mechanic Mupi, the ones we see on our daily commutes. A ‘piece of street furniture’, designed purely as a neutral carrier of advertising and visual culture in the public space. By removing the Mupi from its original context, the object emphatically becomes part of the art displayed. Instead of passing by and passively accepting the presence of the object in our surroundings, the audience pauses for a moment and gets the chance to appreciate the object for its visual qualities. An ongoing series of poster-sized works rotate inside, referring to the aesthetics of contemporary street advertising culture, revealing a new composition 10 seconds at a time. Woudstra will also show new work in which he dives even deeper into the analysis of this object trouvé, turning it inside out.

Schoutsen (1974) did react on Woudstra’s works by stepping on new grounds with a floor piece “The secret rules of engagement’. Schoutsen’s point of departure is the semiotic language in imagery. She takes that literally by using imagery of signs in traffic touched by unintentional human interaction. Like Woudstra, she distilled the object trouvé from its context but tucks it into an observational and symbolic perspective. Schoutsen accompanies the floor piece with some new photopolymer etchings. With these new works Schoutsen aimed for a more profound presence of abstraction in her photo’s, therewith blending in perfectly with the rest of the booth presentation.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
1073 SR Amsterdam The Netherlands
[email protected]

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