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Paris Photo 2021: My Basket at € 12,000


My budget has grown significantly, so I opted for group purchases, with one exception, without exceeding the limit set. I made my selection on a few attractive pairs.


Allegoria 7 [Omar Victor Diop] & Dance on the Piano [Jurgen Schadeberg]

The photographs of Omar Victor Diop are always of a high quality and a strong aesthetic potential mixed with an adjacent touch of humor. These are images that we never tire of.

Jurgen Schadeberg’s photographs will remain as witnesses to the different forms of life in South Africa in the second half of the 20th century and the end of apartheid.


Then and Now [William Wegman] & New York Times [Sacha Goldberger]

In my second option I deliberately remain in humor, photography is not just confined to catastrophes and dramatic scenes. William Wegman’s costumed dog portraits are excellent in Anglo-Saxon fashion. In the absence of the complete collection, the acquisition of a posed large format falls within my budget with as a bonus the pretty photograph of Sacha Goldberg which offers us visual Jewish American humor. A beautiful story in the style of Isaac Bashevis Singer.


Nu Reposé [Laure Albin-Guillot] & Achille [Stéphane Lavoué]

I found this superb vintage by Laure Albin-Guillot at a somewhat high price but the photographic structure of this 1937 creation is likely to generate a real crush. I confess that it was the case for me.

With the few pieces that remained to me, I let myself be tempted by the portrait of Stéphane Avoué in a very pictorial style enhanced by a beautiful subtlety of lighting.


Suicide in Tokyo [Nobuyoshi Araki] & “Picnick at night” Beyond the shadows [Elsa & Johanna]

Nobuyoshi Araki’s photograph, taken in 1994, is sufficient on its own and it does not need any comment.

The second is a very large photograph, very contemporary and symbolic of our daily life. It presents a very neat work with a subtle composition and the millimeter lighting (voluntary or not). The photograph hanging on your wall, you will be in front of the window of a slice of life.


Pass-Laws [Jurgen Schadeberg] & Milano Il vigile in metropolitana [Carlo Orsi]

Two great classics for fans of the images listed in the “street views”. A photographic glance asserted with this photograph of Jurgen Schadeberg printed in a large format, with a good technical quality.

In a smaller format, the same is true of the equally famous photograph of Carlo Orsi taken in the metro.


A Young Muslim Woman in Brooklyn [Chester Higgins Jr.]

For the whole of my budget, I fall for this portrait by Chester Higgins Jr .. The container is a nice paper with a platinum print of a great quality. The content is a portrait of the year 1990 which will remain as a testimony (despite or thanks to its very tight framing), of the History of communities in New York.


Kate at Philbin Beach [Jocelyn Lee] & Vestido elegante Mexico [Flor Garduño]

An assembly of two naked portraits of women made by women. The first, a work by Jocelyn Lee, is in line with the work of this designer of so-called psychological portraits that she very often associates with a natural environment. The deliberate choice of model adds to the relevance of the message.

The second portrait, of Flor Garduño, just as naked is totally based on aesthetics as a priority; but, a good look at the very careful work it does not only represent a beautiful image to contemplate.


Reading for Tehran Streets [Maryam Firuzi] & Belgium, Antwerp [Harry Gruyaert]

Two atmospheric photographs with a sophisticated staging with on the one hand Maryam Firuzi who captures in passing the whole construction of a human organization.

on the other side, it’s a 1992 print by Harry Gruyaert with his particular style to immortalize and highlight the banalities (when possible very colorful) of our daily lives.


Chère Amie [Flore] & sans titre [Nacho Lopez]

A beautiful set of two very interesting portraits.

A photograph posed and worked in its smallest details until its print on Japanese peel deposited on a fine gold leaf. The harmony of the whole presents a very beautiful aspect.

The second image is a vintage B/W picture (1955) by Nacho Lopez of a child. A very emotional photograph, a dream for many collectors.


Colour as grey [Jalal Sepehr] & Tempora Morte Stillleben mit Dahlien und Johannisbeeren Kaliningrad [Lia Darjes]

I end my proposals with two photographs beautifully  constructed and very complementary without appearing so at first glance.

The seaside with a beautiful very grazing side light that shines on a linear cluster of shoes (shoes abandoned by migrants before embarking on rafts for the crossing). A very uncertain crossing if one drowns in the horizon as dull as it is worrying. All the details of the image participate in the  history of today and already predict that of tomorrow.

In contrast, Lia Darjes’ photography is just as rich in symbols of a Cartesian Western society where everything is perfectly organized, abundant and futile. Beautiful still life installed on an uncertain stand, the designer has not forgotten anything.


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