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Michel Riehl


“The Fragile Balance”

This is a subject that I began several years ago, and which seems to take on its full meaning today.

“Balance” is arguably the hardest thing to find in our lives. The exaggerations of always more, overconsumption, our ignorance, catch up with us, and tell us how times are changing, and we will have no other choice but to also change, our lifestyles, our habits, our exchanges, our movements , our feeds. Our choices will have to be subjected to questioning of this sentence borrowed from John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on a scale much larger than that of a country however large it is, what can we do for our planet? What can we do for her, for us and our children? Today, the health epidemic caused by the virus, the name of which I will not mention, is leading us to experience an unprecedented situation at the start of the 21st century.

We should never have forgotten that the human species is part of Nature, and that we should have observed a “balance”. All forms of life are respectable so that everything is in harmony. The exploitations that we carry out without deductions, forestry, mining, agriculture, are all followed by more or less destructive consequences. Sometimes light at first, but which can quickly turn into a butterfly effect. Today we are upset because all the balances are unstable, economic competitions, class and power struggles, ideologies, north-south differences, arms races, climate change. All this makes our life “Fragile”.

Michel Riehl

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