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Michael Jantzen


Surreal Places

Surreal Places is a series of fantasy creations that attempt to present designs for otherworldly architecture that has never been seen before. Architecture that hopefully will inspire those who encounter it to create stories in their own minds, about the origin of these strange things, and what their function might be.

All of the Surreal Places were made from images of other three dimensional objects in the form of my sculptures and/or architectural models. Photos of these objects were taken with a digital camera. Those photos were placed into a computer where their original backgrounds were removed. The isolated object images were then manipulated in various ways in the computer. This manipulation often took the form of layering the objects image over it’s self while changing the scale, and/or by cutting it up into pieces that were placed back together in different ways. Sometimes the cut up pieces of one objects image were placed back together with different images. In other manipulations, all or part of an objects image were warped in the computer in various ways before being assembled back into different combinations.

In each montage, the manipulated object images were placed into real or altered landscapes, in order to suggest that these surreal placed actually exist in the real world. To further emphasis this idea, often images of real people were added to the scenes.

Michael Jantzen
[email protected]

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