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Lianzhou 2011 –Sun Nuo


There are many masterpieces about the history of photography, however, it is difficult to tell when the technology of photography appeared. The Renaissance prepared everything for the appearance of photography technology.

In1851, Fredrick Scott Archer, a British, found it could improve the Wet Plate technology by use of collodion. Since then, the history of photography was changed.

The carrier of Wet Plate Processing is the glass or the metal piece laid on asphalt. On the glass, it is covered by the collodion. With the continuous processing of Sensitization, Exposuring, Development, Fixing, and Water Washing, the photo is taken. During the ten minutes, the glass is in the condition of wet, therefore, it is called ‘Wet Plate Processing’ or ‘Wet Plate Collodion’.

One unique characteristics is its individualization. This should be the unique artistic charm that attracts us. If we review it from the level of Historiography and esthetics, the charm of Wet Plate Processing is that it discovered the advancement of the humanities after the Renaissance, reflected the Subjective initiative of the humanization before the Industrial Revolution.

All of my works shown here were the achievement in past two years. Two years’ experience is just some research about it. Since I knew Wet Plate Processing, I was attrached by it deeply. I tried my best to find out the method of mixing the chemicals. I made the mechinery by myself, I made the darkroom by myself, even I made the 305*405 MM camera by myself, which has been used in CCTV. Even though this large camera looked simple, it is special and unique.

I think when we go to digital photography world so deeply and we are far away from the traditional photography technology, we are far away from linkage with the nature of photography art. I choose to slow down, to do something that digital technology cannot realize, to find the elegant feeling of regressiong the photography nature. Therefore, I choose Wet Plate Processing.Comparing with the modern people with impetuous mood, it is one kind of buffering, one kind of regression. Most of works of Wet Plate Processing reflect the warm and fragrant. This kind of calm literature and elegant esthetics is scarce that modern photography hasn’t owned, isn’t it?

If you pay more attention, you will find that no works is perfect. Just because of the imperfect, you can find the Vitality. Every works is the only copy. Only can you think about Wet Plate Processing deeply, you can find the advancement of the human nature.

Sun Nuo

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