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Galeria Fotogràfica ilmondo : Andrei Fărcășanu : Genesis


Genesis shows Andrei Fărcășanu‘s interest in observing, absorbing, and then, through his inner world, translating it into intimate images full of profound minimalist beauty. It also represents a journey through the life of the photographer: from his roots in Eastern Europe to his subsequent residence in the Mediterranean, Barcelona. His particular vision influenced by lived experiences and places; the inspiration generated by the representative nature of the Balkan culture mixed with ideas of Western and Eastern philosophy. Combined with his aesthetic interest in expressionist and impressionist paintings, Tarkovsky’s cinematography and also metaphysical and pictorial photography. Andrei’s photographs show compositions with absolute reduction of elements, an intentional and difficult to use process that invites a slow, contemplative and poetic gaze, in which ethereal, intimate images emerge, with the desire to reveal the deep mysteries of the world around us.

The lith printing photographic technique used by the author is a particular process that uses film negatives, suitable black and white paper and lith developer. The process used for the works from the exhibition is based on the action of overexposing the copies and developing them in a bath of lith diluted developer, through the process called “infection” causing results that are different from conventional black and white printing, often with works of interesting pictorial and artistic aspect.

The exhibition encompasses a wide selection of photographs that, as a trilogy, includes three series: The quiet sense of nature, Timeless Interventions and Abyss (the latter being presented for the first time at Ilmondo Gallery, Barcelona).

The final intention of the exhibition is to convey that everything that happens in the life of the human being is valid, the different episodes do not cancel or confront each other, but rather we are the result of all of them together.

Contrary to mathematical precepts, in this case:

“1 plus 1 does not result in 2 but a bigger and more complex 1” *

*based on the words of the character Andrei Gorchakov in Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Nostalghia: “one drop and another drop make a bigger drop, not two”

text by Nadia García-Barbón based on conversations with the author


Andrei Fărcășanu : Genesis
du 12 février au 8 avril 2022
Galeria Fotogràfica ilmondo
c/ Calàbria 178, Barcelona

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