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Carte blanche to Index Gallery : Photographs by Choi Kunsu, Han Sujung, Kim Yousun, Song EunKyung et Baek Ju Hyun


Index Gallery exhibits at the Parallax gallery.

2019, the Parallax gallery exhibited in Korea at the invitation of Mr Choi from Index

Gallery in Seoul.

2020, Index Gallery presents its artists at Parallax for the first

exhibition of the year …

Photography is a universal medium… it will transport you to Korea

with: Choi Kunsu, Han Sujung, Kim Yousun, Song EunKyung and Baek Ju Hyun.


Choi Kunsu

In Eastern philosophy, the world is made up of negative elements and positive elements.

The sun is one of the symbols of the positive elements while the moon is one of the

symbols of negative elements.

The moon represents Life, like a womb, it is the matrix.

Through long exposures, Choi Ken Su evokes the energy of life symbolized by the moon.


Baek Ju Hyun

Work of the mind conceived by an author, the book serves as an interface with a


Cultural object linked to human history, it allows the transmission of meanings according to

a particular material form beyond space and time.

For the reader, “a book is an extension of memory and imagination. ”

Baek Ju Hyun is not interested in the content of the book but the object itself .

His pinhole images depict textless books that leave the spectator free to write his story …


Kim Yousun

Ceramics are universal. Each people creates and uses them according to their culture.

All-white porcelain had a real success in the world of the Korean aristocracy, they appreciated it as ritual tableware in the fifteenth century, for the extreme purity of its color and the perfection of its material, with forms particularly refined.

The large “jars of the moon”, whose shape is simply “close” to the sphere, but not spherical, and the living matter, in subtle shades of white, bring together aesthetic qualities essential to Korean art.

In Korea, ceramics are multiple, evolving with history.

With his moon-shaped ceramic pinholes, Kim Yousun evokes the Korean mentality.



Song EunKyung

Photograph the audible rather than the visible.

Song EunKyung’s work retranscribes his visualizations of the sound and the hearing of music.

Sound propagates by wave,

The woofer, or metal parts, vibrate on the speaker to transmit the

sound. These vibrations retransmit the sound which is then audible to us.

Visualize these sounds, give them shapes and colors… Song EunKyung

reveals to us a face of the audible.


Han Sujung

Ice and water have the same property.

When winter comes, the water gradually turns to ice.

At the bottom of the valley, water still resists freezing, elsewhere it has frozen.

These two different forms of the same element shape the landscape, varying

its beauty as winter advances. . .


Carte blanche à Index Gallery : Photographies de Choi Kunsu, Han Sujung, Kim

Yousun, Song EunKyung et Baek Ju Hyun

Feb 8 to Feb 28, 2020


3 rue des Epinaux

13100 Aix en Provence




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