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The Eye of Photography is the ultimate digital magazine where everything about photography art is published daily, highlighted, discussed and archived for all professionals and amateurs, in English and French. Its Agenda compiles the most comprehensive selection of photography events in the world (photography exhibitions, art fairs, awards, lectures, workshops…).

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Jeremy Bach

Broken Down The series takes the viewer along on a visual commentary on society's roles the genders are put into in western society. Broken Down shows us what the girl next door would look like if allowed to become the bad boy. The artist Bach is self-taught in all his artistic endeavors which has lead him to borrow influences from several different schools from the post-impressionist painters to Ansel Adams.…

Bildhalle Zurich : Willy Spiller : Hell On Wheels

Bildhalle Zurich announces the new publication of the book Hell On Wheels - New York Subway 1977-1984 (Edition Bildhalle) and the exhibition of the same name. The photo book as well as the exhibition show not only the iconic images from the legendary series, but also photographs that have never been published before. Bill Shapiro, former editor-in-chief of LIFE magazine, wrote the introduction. “In May of 1977, a 30-year-old Swiss…

La Belle Étoile* : Riego van Wersch : Photography

Editions de La Belle Étoile* are publishing this book by Riego van Wersch. Here are some images accompanied by this text from the editor Stéphane Coutelle. Riego van Wersch photographs as one paints, the gesture is paramount. This gesture which invents clear fuzziness, which creates textures and materials. The sea like fine linen, The wave that throws up sparks of foam, The ocean scratched like an engraving, A navy sky…


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