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Thibaut Cuisset –La Bouilladisse


La Bouilladisse is an administrative district, or commune, of 6000 people in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of France.

“There are more than 36,000 communes in France and each of them can be considered a world in itself. It is not its own separate world, but a possibility, an achievement. Each one is singular, a certain shape, a certain aggregation of qualities— local and national, secret and public—that weave together to form a complex and ever-changing ball of yarn… Fate leads you to one of these communes… At first you’re disoriented, then you slowly get your bearings as you recognize familiar things. You compare them, consider each one. An image forms in your head, but a volatile one. It cannot hold. It’s not the result of genuine contact with things around you. For that, you would require another approach, a whole other kind of patience.

Someone else has the patience for you, someone else not from these parts… Maybe it’s because landscapes are his specialty, or scenes of stillness reflect his method (slow shutter, untouched) that Thibaut Cuisset’s photographs give the impression, not only to have been taken over a period of time, but to still be taking place. As if the power of immobilization inherent in the photographic act were to dilate to reveal a moment of unexpected silence. The landscape is not only seen, but delved into. Each image is like a probe lifted towards the horizon that, magically, mysteriously, holds.”

Jean-Christophe Bailly

La Bouilladisse

Thibaut Cuisset (photographs)
Jean-Christophe Bailly (text)

30 x 24 cm
64 pages
31 photographs (CMYK prints)
28 €
ISBN: 978-2-8499-5202-3

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