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Jean-Marie Périer : Déjà hier / Already Yesterday : A Year on Instagram


I wanted to write these columns on Instagram in order to find the original idea of ​ Internet, when it was thought that this new medium would bring people together. As a result, because of they accepted  pseudonyms, this beautiful invention has become the spillway of cowardice, stupidity, hatred and the worst of human feelings. Only Instagram has kept a certain conduct but then, initially, it is more of a visual medium aimed at young people, they “post” a selfie, “hashtag” and goodbye. So I found it interesting to see if you could generate interest by writing texts. It would appear to be the case. In addition, the exercise is technically interesting since the limit granted revolves around 2170 characters, in other words one page of text. It’s good when you have nothing to say, but sometimes to tell a story, or even talk about someone’s life, it’s short. In these columns, my purpose is only to highlight people whom I love or for whom I have esteem. I have sometimes been criticized for praising too much, I like to admire, even get carried away for some that fate has put in my way. It seems essential to me not to lose the faculty of admiration. Too bad for those who are attracted to the vogue for cynicisms. The little judges seated on their cushions of irony which inspire sneers to breathe out the drizzle of rumors. I like to admire because it makes me happy and, as far as I’m concerned, apart from pleasure, there isn’t much.

For those who sometimes reproach me for making a text too long, I offer this sentence from Blaise Pascal in a letter to a woman who reproached him for a text too long to read: “I beg you, Madam, to forgive the excessive length of my text, but I really didn’t have time to keep it short. ”

Jean-Marie Périer


Jean-Marie Périer : Déjà hier : Une année sur Instagram

With the contribution of Olivia de Lamberterie (Foreword)

Publisher: Calmann-Lévy (October 28, 2020)

Paperback: 272 pages

17.4 x 2.4 x 28.1 cm

Publisher: Calmann-Lévy (October 28, 2020)

French language

ISBN-13: 978-2702182185


Available on Amazon:


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