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Christian Fleitz



The water drops have an irresistible power of seduction for a majority of photographers. They are above all associated with the beauty of a plant environment …

They have been photographed so many times that it becomes particularly difficult to show them in a truly original way.

To try to meet this challenge, in a photographic series entitled “Duos”, I chose to stage them by placing them in a deliberately artificial, abstract, and geometric context.

I wanted to explore what a couple of these drops could offer us as a show, with a creative approach nourished by a relationship to contemporary art and design. It was therefore important that these “Duets” invite the viewer to travel and dream, even imagining their own stories.

My reflection then focused on an innovative use of light. The challenge was to create intangible content in the image, even inside the drops, but also in the background. This graphic contribution had to suggest forms without imposing anything on the viewer, who had to remain completely free in his interpretation.

I also tried to act on the emotion and the feeling. To sublimate the beauty of the water drops, I transposed the concept known as “tension-resolution”, commonly used in musical composition, to photographic composition. Here, the “tension” on the gaze is produced by the sharp (almost “prickly”) angles of the geometric shapes drawn by the light. The “resolution” is provided by the softness of the rounding of the drops. The “tension” is also a way of not leaving the spectator indifferent, she calls out to him. It is then that the “resolution” intervenes by leading him to focus his gaze on what I want to highlight the most in the work …

From a technical point of view, and contrary to appearances, such photographs of drops of water are quite achievable in film, in a simple cliché. Because I remain, above all, very attached to the etymological and historical meaning of the word “photo (n) -graphie”. It is therefore, mainly, through an interaction between photons and vibratory phenomena, that my special effects appear in the viewfinder of my camera, even before I press the shutter button.

All this is only the fruit of improbable links between arts and sciences. I draw from different disciplines, notions and concepts that make possible what has always seemed to be inconceivable, impossible, even absurd, with just one shot.

Applied to the photography of drops of water, or to many other themes, these light effects with multiple variations allow me a little more each day to travel endlessly, on a safari where I even take pictures. what does not exist!

Christian Fleitz

“Photo (n) -grapheur”

Academies Arts Sciences Lettres and Italia In Arte Nel Mondo.


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