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PhotographyPortfolios of readers

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates its edition to the portfolios of its readers. This section is our online gallery for photographers presenting their work. You will find here a selection of the best portfolios. This is an opportunity for photographers around the world to broadcast their work and share their vision.

Michel Riehl

H2o /Colorful waters H2O, the chemical formula of water, source of life. It travels and transforms, liquid, solid, or gaseous. Throughout her travels, we […]…

Serge Knauss

Dreamlike journey This series is an invitation to escape, to dream, even to meditate. The viewer can enter a world that’s close at hand […]…

Edith Landau

The edge of the world “The Edge of the World” is a series that begins in 2021. I wanted to confront spaces, to exorcise […]…

Maud Evrard

Dreams Through sensory and poetic correspondences, the Dreams series weaves a dialogue with multiple resonances, revealing a universe suspended between the real and the […]…

Fanny Genoux

Resonances “Lines soar, delimiting or allowing the eye to guess vanishing points “outside the frame”. Rounds open or close, half-moon shadows affirming the balance […]…

Isabelle Françaix

Animal The ANIMAL Project is an evolving series of black-and-white portraits of people aged between 16 and 70 who have agreed to undergo an […]…

Natalia Ershova

The Fifth Quarter In 2003, humanity celebrated the greatest victory of all – deciphering the human genome. All mysteries were solved, and an opportunity […]…


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