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Natalia Ershova



The “Retrotopia” photo series talks about the constant need of humans to captivate and conquer new territories and how we want to mark everything we touch. Humans seem to never get enough. Every new achievement or feeling bores us, and we need more. This hunt for biochemical happiness forces us to “conquer new territories,” explore outer space, and run faster than others and even outrun our past selves.

I wanted to become an astronaut when I was a kid, but then I discovered that astronauts no longer visit the Moon. I am a representative of a generation that thought they would find an answer to the question: “Are we alone in the universe?” There were always two options: 1) we are alone in the universe, 2) we are not. However, now I understand that there is a third option: we will never find out the truth. Our telescopes have been scanning the sky for foreign signals for sixty years – nothing. Nobody is looking for us, and we are unable to find anyone.

I am going to show you these monuments because they are the monuments that celebrate our victory. From today’s perspective, they represent the memory of our failure. They are a static reproach.

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