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PhotographyPortfolios of readers

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates its edition to the portfolios of its readers. This section is our online gallery for photographers presenting their work. You will find here a selection of the best portfolios. This is an opportunity for photographers around the world to broadcast their work and share their vision.

Simona Nobili

Hidden stories I like the vibes of the city, the lights, the shadows, the hidden stories, the peculiar moments, the human landscape within the […]…


When living makes you suffer This project talks about all women and about the feelings inside them, when loving makes suffer. Anger, desperation,isolation,loneliness, depression, […]…

Isabelle de Blois

Sculpteur de Territoire Living in a rural area in Quebec, I went to meet and highlight the agricultural producers. Through my camera, I want […]…

Daniel Orlando

Birth of stones Short story about the birth of the stones Personal exploration in the forest of Wexford Ireland, inspired by the oral tradition, […]…

Françoise Lerusse

A journey in a mirage In February 2023 I “browsed” Dubai. “I wrote “browse”, because Dubai has everything of a virtual world. This concept […]…

Nicole Duranceau

Color’s Tokyo When night falls, Tokyo glows with a thousand lights, as neighborhoods and facades take on bright hues. The night-time lights sculpt a […]…

Lorenzo Linthout

Lonely windows Minimalist facade is about achieving better design through simplicity:a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. All this is achieved through […]…

Jérôme Anna

Wanderings and urbanities…. These 12 photos come from a double theme and also from a double photographic series entitled ”Turin” and ”Malaga”. my work….or […]…


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