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PhotographyPortfolios of readers

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates its edition to the portfolios of its readers. This section is our online gallery for photographers presenting their work. You will find here a selection of the best portfolios. This is an opportunity for photographers around the world to broadcast their work and share their vision.

Carlo Traini

Fragmenta – Beauty in fragmentation This is a collection of street pictures (‘street’ meaning any public place) that have crossed my present; these photographs […]…

Enzo Crispino

The place of trees My new portfolio takes its inspiration from the following lines of a poem by the Italian poet Franco Armino.   […]…

Ida Di Pasquale

Faiano “Faiano” is an intimate project related to the loss of my home following the earthquake that hit central Italy in 2009. I am […]…

Mireille Janvier

Life as it goes This series was born from a solitary stroll in which the direct and spontaneous human presence revealed unique moments where […]…

Adrian Ravarour

Primary Symbols In this period of restrictions we still make Art. The book “Primary Symbols” was created during the 2021 summer coronavirus restrictions. As […]…


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