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Author Jean Loh

Andy Summers, bones on the Road

Andy Summers, acclaimed guitarist of The Police, the top rock band in the world during the 1980s, who gave us the haunting guitar riff […]…

Autism: into the world of solitude

Like most people in the world, I only became aware of autism thirty years ago, after the release of the 1988 film "Rain Man", which won four Oscars. Today, April…

Hu Li, Dancing for the gods

Captured in black & white square format gelatin silver films, Hu Li’s spectacular visual celebration of the Chinese New Year, presented through the 204 pages of his newly published photo-book…

Pingyao, Jean-Pierre Laffont’s triumph

On the morning of 19th September, after a day of seemingly endless rain that wasn’t enough to cool the ardour of the curators and their assistants in their clashes on…

Xiao Quan, Our Generation

Xiao Quan (pronounced Shiao Chou’an) born in 1959 in Chengdu, is reputed in Chinese photographic circle as the best portraitist in China. I have been thinking harder but could not…

Xiao Quan, Faces of Our Time

Xiao Quan’s body of 54 selected new works struck us for its never-seen-before freshness and energy, while the field of portrait masters appears to be crowded enough with the likes…


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