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Author Jean Loh

Cyrille Dubreuil: THE BOW

Two things come to mind when you are in front of Cyrille Dubreuil’s series of five tableaux THE BOW: one is the most memorable iconic “Flying” scene of the 1997…

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Charlie Chaplin in Shanghai: an event

From 8th June to 7th October 2018, the Yuz Museum of Shanghai is showing the world’s first retrospective exhibition of the work of Charlie Chaplin (1889 London – 1977 Vevey),…

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Women in Francophonie, by Studio Harcourt

For the first time, a French photography studio is creating a link connecting woman to francophonie (french speaking communities) in an exhibition for the Chinese public of Beijing, Guangzhou, and…

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Andy Summers, bones on the Road

Andy Summers, acclaimed guitarist of The Police, the top rock band in the world during the 1980s, who gave us the haunting guitar riff in the song Every Breath You…

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Finding vernacular photography inside the Chocolate City

South China’s Coastal economic powerhouse Guangzhou is one of Chinese metropolises that have always had relatively significant overseas communities. According to the local government, among the eighty thousand registered foreign…

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Autism: into the world of solitude

Like most people in the world, I only became aware of autism thirty years ago, after the release of the 1988 film "Rain Man", which won four Oscars. Today, April…


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