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Arles 2015, Les Rencontres de la Photographie : Interview with Sam Stourdzé


Three months before the opening of his first year as head of the festival, Sam Stourdzé is particularly happy. His program is promising, the budget is 6.4 million euros, the new president is Hubert Védrine and he’s just recovered three of the SNCF studio spaces.
First, the program: Stephen Shore, Walker Evans, Robert Venturi, Abbas Kiarostami, Sandro Miller (known for his work with John Malkovich reconstructing masterpieces of photography) and Martin Parr, this time serving not as a curator but as a photographer. “Every exhibition this year has tried to bring together photography and music, architecture and the cinema.”
The new president, Hubert Védrine, is the former minister of foreign affairs, one of the best men of our era. He was responsible for opening up the photographic albums and archives of the Quai d’Orsay in 1999. Finally, someone who is not  sectarian, unlike those who previously held the post.
Twelve spaces have been confirmed, including three belonging to the SNCF. The team is unchanged: « That’s what makes a festival. You have to learn how to work together. Claudine Maugendre will not oversee the Night of the Year. I would like to keep working with the concept. The Night of the Year will now be devoted to our favorite pictures and parts of exhibitions that were insufficient or incomplete but which still deserve our attention. »
The budget is 6.4 million euros, 55% of which is funded by ticket sales and 45% by partners: « The Luma Foundation, Olympus, BMW, L’Occitane. We had a last-minute cancellation from SFR—300,000 euros—but two new partners quickly got involved: Amana, a chain of photo labs; and the watch brand Parmigiani ».

« The future of Arles is fantastic. What’s going to happen in this city, no one will be able to measure it. The change in Arles is going to be phenomenal. No other city in France will get to experience something like this. Our responsibility is to rebuild the city’s relationship with culture. The only threat to its future would be if the public stopped coming. Everything else is taken care of ».

PROGRAM – 2015 Edition 

-Rereading: The history of photography revisited
• Walker Evans
• Anonymous
• Stephen Shore

-Resonances: Photography in dialogue
– Architecture :
• Las Vegas Studio, Archives of Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown
• Toon Michiels, American neon signs by night and day
• Olivier Cablat, Duck, theorie of evolution
• Markus Brunetti, Facades
– Music :
• Total Records, Great adventure of album covers
• The LP Company, LP Collection, the hidden treasures of underground music
• MMM : Mathieu Chedid meet Martin Parr
– Cinema :
• Abbas Kiarostami, regardez-moi
• Sandro Miller, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich

-I Am writing from a far countryPhotographic correspondence
• Another language, eight Japanese photographers
• Martin Gusinde, men’s spirit from land of fire

-The Platforms visiblenew approaches to documentary
• Paolo Woods et Gabriele Galimberti, Les Paradis, rapport annuel
• Natasha Caruana, Love at first sight (BMW)
• Alex Majoli et Paolo Pellegrin, Congo
• Ambroise Tézenas, I was here, Tourism desolation
• Thierry Bouët, private business

-Strange collectors
• Tony Oursler, imponderable
• Vernacular ! 3 series from Jean-Marie Donat’s collection
• Memories of the sphinx, like a little story of photography, Collection Wouter Deruytter

– Découverte Award
Anna Orlowska
Shilo Group
Artists presented by Krzysztof Candrowicz
Lisa Barnard
Robert Zhao Renhui
Artists presented by Louise Clements
Pauline Fargue
Julián Barón
Artists presented by Fannie Escoulen
Delphine Chanet
Omar Victor Diop
Artists presented by Claire Jacquet
Paola Pasquaretta
The cool couple
Artists presented by par Francesco Zanot
• Olympus engage une conversation photographique
Dorothée Smith / Rebecca Topakian
Denis Darzacq / Swen Renault
Paolo Woods / Elsa Leydier
• Alice Wielinga, North Korea: A life between propaganda and reality
• A closer look: a selection of three students from the ENSP class of 2015

-Arles books
• Cosmos-Arles books, new editorial practices
• Book Award
• Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2015

-Associate programs associé
• Ensembles, La Maison Européenne de la Photographie collects
• Dare to photograph: 50 years of an avant-garde collection in Arles
• Images / Paysages / Rivages, Collection du conservatoire du littora l
• Il fait beau, je sors, la recherche de l’art #4
• Raymond Hains, photographer
• Vincent Ferrané, Welcome
Arles 2015, Les Rencontres de la Photographie
From July 6th to September 20th, 2015
Bureau des Rencontres
rue du Dr Fanton
13200 Arles

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