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Stephanie Pfriender Stylander – The Untamed Eye


On September 12, she had the signature of her book at the Staley Wise gallery in N.Y. On the 27th, she has the opening of her exhibition in Paris, and on the 29th the signing of her book at L’Instant’s gallery. In November, the signature will be at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles! She is Stephanie Pfriender Stylander and the title of her book: The Untamed Eye. It is a very nice success of sensuality and eroticism. One thing is also great: her text at the end of the book. Here it is ! – Jean-Jacques Naudet


did i tell you the moon was full and bounced across the dark sky lighting up the bedsheets filled with pages of paper and word

did i tell you wheels turned slow leading us to nightly fire and smoke on that corner at the end of the line

did i tell you at midnight girls danced tall with streets peppered of fur and lace

did i tell you i always looked up sunday mornings in silence following the concrete hills in hours of gray fog

did i tell you there were phone booths in the middle of the city hands wrapped around newspapers and feet held by photographs

did i tell you those italian walls were covered in velvets of navy blue flowers as we practiced with gigli

did i tell you the wires are timeless as they cross under the open sea draped in that eternal scene of memory

did i tell you that the audacity of need destroyed any rules

did i tell you the junkyards were filled with delicious unknowns

did i tell you she drove me through tunnels over bridges until we reached pure genius

did i tell you doors opened and closed in a perpetual deep rhythm

did i tell you the stranger said it is like looking in a lingerie drawer

did i tell you that the only way to get around the monument was to enter the front and master the tale

did i tell you that you let me get close and i let you get closer

did i tell you she yelled and we bowed looking at that face in unison

did i tell you smoke hung from his lips in the rooms of color and dialogue

did i tell you that arms of strangers hold silver rings to get to the inside of the inside

did i tell you that the stories unfolded like honey dripping on exotic trees

did i tell you in a dark room there was generous insanity

did i tell you we painted her black and white as our fantasies changed

did i tell you because of the misuse of words pictures flooded the psyche

did i tell you i changed the story and created a new one

did i tell you i saw magic

did i tell you we walked together and saw upside down figures in dance

did i tell you that the climb was vigorous in a lush journey of nightmares and dreams

did i tell you that the curiosity of you was the curiosity of me and you

did i tell you it was uncomfortably desirable

Stephanie Pfriender Stylander, February 2018



The Untamed Eye by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander
MW Editions
Hardcover: Black and white photograph printed on hard cover with silver foil debossed le>ers
ISBN #: 978-0-998-7018-2-0; Dimensions: 9 .” x 13 .”
Pages: 168; 138 color and black and white photographs
Printed and bound by Grafiche Damiani – Faenza Group, Italy.


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