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Michael Jantzen : In the times of coronavirus


Social Distancing Aids.

In light of the Coronavirus and the need for varying degrees of social isolation, I have created this series of fantasy photos that suggest how we may be living in the near future, in an attempt to distance ourselves safely from one another. Although somewhat tongue in cheek, some version of my proposal may in fact have a certain degree of inherent practicality. These little structures I call Social Distancing Aids, would be made of lightweight plastic. They would be designed in the form of four large connected collapsible rings, placed over the wearers head and held in place with two vertical supports that rest on the users shoulders. A fifth smaller ring is connected at the center to the perimeter of the lower large ring. This ring helps to hold the entire assemblage in place side to side around the wearer’s legs.

This fantasy photo series presents a number of different people of various ages, wearing the Social Distancing Aids in different environments. Some of these people are featured alone, and some are featured with others who are also wearing the aids. In most cases, the people wearing the aids are shown in contrast with other people who are not wearing the Social Distancing Aids. – Michael Jantzen


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