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Giancarlo Carnieli



Where do we go when we sleep?

“Life and dreams are ages of the same book,” said Schopenhauer, two sides of the same coin.

But what is the difference between waking life and sleeping life? The border is very visible: conscious life and existence are like the black and white of the photographic image or, to put it better, the positive and the negative: one depends on the other and vice versa.

Dreamlike, it’s largely a dream

The photographs contained in this collection, confuse reality and dream,

The image has a double personality: an exterior and a deep (or interior); an unconscious as described in the psychoanalytic field, is independent of the conscious side.

Order and disorder, cleanliness and blur, light and shadow, movement and statics are all elements present here which push aside the beneficiary because they move without ceasing the register of the gaze.

The dream is indeed a matrix, of which so many people can disentangle how many interpretations are humans because each will see something that belongs to him and that he has always believed to be his, when in reality the archaic component of the dream makes that, each one recognizes himself in all that is unique as in all that is social.

The intention of this work is precisely to take the viewer by the hand and lead him on an unknown path, trying not to imprint any information in his mind because only he himself will be able to answer the questions that the observation. of the requested images.

The question that remains is, “Where do we go when we sleep?”


Texts from “Visioni dal profundo” by Giovanna Gammarota.

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