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Gérard Gastaud : Quintessence of time


His name: Gérard Gastaud. He is a photographer.

He wants to sell his archives and sent us this email. Curious about the possible result, we publish it!

Quintessence of time : the time to connect with people I want to photograph, the time to take photographic portraits, the time to develop my approach, the time to look back on what has become my work. Now is the time to ensure the perenity of two decades of the creation of portraits.

For two decades, I mainly photographed people who were distinguished people. First with a hand-held camera in the 24×36 mm format and then I switched to medium format with a tripod and lighting that complemented the natural light. Posed portraits and almost always outside the studio.

It is time to share my portraits with others, make them known and even recognized!

In short, ensure their perinnety. An important step in a photographer’s life.

I made a selection from the personalities I photographed. What I offer consists of:

1/5. As interesting as the prints, it is possible to acquire B&W and/or color negatives, as well as slides which have not been printed, because there is great potential.

One can discover portraits of Simone de Beauvoir, William Klein, Gérard Garouste, Cabu,

Gore Vidal, Willy Ronis, Jonas Mekas, Anthony Burgess, Claude Lanzmann, Hubert Selby jr., Pierre Soulages, Bernard Arnault, Raymond Voinquel, etc.

I would agree to sign any new prints made from these negatives/slides.


2/5. Silver prints : I belong to the category of photographers who prefer to have very few copies of their photos printed or even only a single print. All of my prints were made by Voja Mitrovic. He was the main printmaker of important photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson or Josef Kouldelka. My prints have been kept in perfect conditions. They were printed within a year of shooting. They are therefore authentic vintages. Note that Black and White negatives of the print(s) may also be bought.


3/5. Velvet prints 40×50 cm of 15 different personalities in a single copy each (1/1).

This type of print was invented in the 1990s by Jules Steinmetz, a great printer in a Parisian laboratory. The 1990s was the time that my prints were made.

Print that gives the appearance of velvet to the photo. After that, this process was abandoned. As a result, these are truly unique works. Note that slides or color negatives that match the print can be sold as well.


4/5. Epson Digigraphie prints 50×60 cm of 5 different personalities, signed and numbered 1/3. Please note that color slides or negatives of the prints may also be sold.


5/5. 80 RC prints ranging from 14×15 cm to 24×30 cm format. These were called “reading prints” or “control prints (“tirage de lecture”).


All the prints are signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Except RC prints which are signed on the back.

No prints have been transformed by Photoshop-type software. I like the authenticity of an image.

On the other hand, if buyers would like to transpose my portraits into NFT, that does not pose a problem for me. The world of crypto-art is an unknown planet to me.

I am the author and owner of all prints, as well as all negatives and slides.

This offer is addressed to collectors, sponsors, foundations or private museums, to investors who can spot a rare opportunity.

To receive more details and listings, just contact me through “L’Oeil de la Photographie”.

All of this work is in Paris (France).

Gérard Gastaud

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