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Bruno Castaing, Aqua Rio

Bruno Castaing, a French photographer and a Rio de Janeiro resident of 25 years, has long been passionate about diving and underwater photography. In his mind, being a “Carioca” doesn’t…

In Brussels, photography is taking depth

In Brussels, a workshop lends added depth to photography. Created in 2015, the Atelier Relief has collaborated with photographers and architects to create three-dimensional photographic tableaus where image gains depth,…

Remmidemmi’s interior scenes

Self-mockery and the second degree are always present in Remmidemmi’s pictures. Resolutely trashy and intentionally provocative, his photographs show us inanimate bodies, face down, in disrupted situations. In chaotic settings, amongst…

Alexandros Garnavos’ Hand Game

Alexandros Garnavos, born in Athens, studied painting in northern Greece’s Ioannina before joining Simone Bergantini’s studio in Milan and working next to painter Ignazio Gadaleta. He draws inspiration from his…

Maykel Lima’s peculiar dolls

The Spanish photographer Maykel Lima has produced a series of intriguing diptychs which give expression to his captivating style with a blend of minimalism and surrealism. He plays with the…

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