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A selection of articles related to photographic collections, public as well as private.

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Jonathan Abbou – Oneïros

Imagine yourself immersed in a deep sleep, dreaming of being in the basket of a balloon. Imagine that instead of flying over a landscape, you look down on gigantic photographic…

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Julia Saludo – Catharsis

“Catharsis” is a book that brings together photographs and poems evoking the themes of love, death and the call to fulfillment. This collection retranscribes a perpetual swing from shadow to…

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Rachel Cobb – Mistral

In a small village in Provence, where I’ve been going regularly for the past forty years, the mistral is a frequent guest. It rushes in from north-facing windows and small…

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François Fontaine – Icons

An icon is an image, an object of contemplation, an unparalleled model. It is the archetype, the primitive and ideal model, approaching perfection in Platonic ideas. For the philosopher Jung…


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