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Florence Moll: Photo Agent, Paris


With specialists in photography, hyper-realism, set and fashion design, 3D and video, Florence Moll has put together an eclectic group of talented artists in service of commercial photography. Her photographers offer us a world that is by turns sensitive, futuristic and imaginary through creative means as spontaneous as they are artificial, but always with a genuine, inquisitive artistic approach.

What is the story behind Florence Moll ? 

Florence Moll :
Above all, it’s the story of a passion for photography, which has stayed with me since I studied the medium in Brazil. I’ve represented photographers since 1991, and over the years I’ve put together a team of photographers, designers and 3D artists renowned for their new approach to image. The story continues every day. I’m eager to discover new talents and to create bridges between different worlds.

Why are you a photo agent ?

F.M :
Because photography is still a new artform with room for growth. I love the relationship between reality and the photographer’s eye, which distances us from reality and shows that objectivity is an illusion.

What other path might you have followed ?

F.M :

Who was your first photographer ? 

F.M :
Henry Leutwyler, a fashion and portrait photographer who now lives in New York.

How did you put together your team ?

F.M :
I was already working in the photography world, trained by an incredible, iconoclastic photographer, Shaun Conroy Hargrave. I was lucky to represent photographers of such high caliber, and that gave me confidence.

What is the role of the agent? What would they do without you ?

F.M :
Success requires recognition of one’s talents, but also of one’s limitations. A photographer rarely knows how to promote his or her own work. Furthermore, I don’t think that photographers should have to handle the financial part themselves. They need to be far enough away from the negotiations to feel free when they are creating. The relationship between a photographer and an agent is an adventure. You’re with each other throughout the creative process, through all the ups and down, and that requires trust and persistence.

What advice do you have for young photographers ? 

F.M :
Identify your talent. Follow your instinct. Don’t be afraid of influence. And shoot, shoot, shoot.

What future trends do you see, or wish to see, in “commercial” photography?

F.M :
I hope that photographers will be chosen by agencies and clients for what they know how to do, and that they will be involved as early as possible in the creative process. That’s essential but all too uncommon. In general, I wish commercial photography were more in tune to new trends, and that it was better at making use of talent. It’s also worth mentioning the process. Everyone knows it, but it bears repeating: a good ad campaign is the result of a collaboration between intelligent people who respect every step and every person involved in the process.

Florence Moll represents : Billy&Hells, Dimitri Daniloff, Aurélien Chauvaud, Fabrice Fouillet, Laziz Hamani, Nawel, Nick&Chloe, Nick Meek, Ben Sandler, Quentin Shih, Markus Wendler, Qiu Yang, Mi Zhou.

Interviewed by Séverine Morel

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