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Schaufenster: Don’t Forget Me Not – Ostkreuzschule Berlin

©Patricia Morosan “Re/turn”

You cannot delay time, let alone stop it – really? The old longing to freeze time, to restore golden moments lost and to celebrate the here and now were the spiritual godfathers of this project in photography. A great challenge indeed – yet more than welcome. Photography freezes the moment in time, transforming it into lasting remembrances. But what do we really remember? What do pictures show us after all? The gap between golden moments lost and the here and now – which is the theme of this exhibition – cannot be bridged, however much we long for this to happen. The idea of this exhibition is to focus on the precarious position of photography in its balancing act between remembrances and reality, between oblivion and events in the past. Besides, this exhibition endeavours to point out the transformation of the old longing for immortalizing time into a longing for a modern and lasting imprint.

Photography Seminar by Linn Schröder

Photographs by Tina Bauer, Judith Horn, Diana Juneck, Ania Kaszot, Alexander Klang, Irina Kholodna, Gunnar Krüger, Carola Lampe, Patricia Morosan, Melina Papageorgiou, Linn Schröder, Jessica Wolfelsperger, Martina Zaninelli



Weggensteinstraße 3F I – 39100 Bozen, Italy

16 September - 14 October

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