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Daniel Anizon


VERT MI-NUIT (midnight green)

The “MID-NIGHT GREEN” series (2018-2021) is a work on color at night, which appears different from the same color in broad daylight. This is true of green, but also of other colors whose lighting with a headlamp also accentuates the contrast. The color seems to shatter like diffracted particles of light. The blur accentuates this phenomenon, it is not sought to “give a style”, it results from several factors specific to Photography, mobile art par excellence. Starting with my movement movement because I take the images that appear to me in side vision and do not stop walking to trigger. I’m not interested in what’s in front of me, what’s imposed on the sides is more meaningful, and I want to keep my very first impression intact when I spot something on the side. And then the blur comes from setting the distance, not the time because the very first impression would fade away like a dream you just had and you have to put it somewhere right away. And finally, the blur of materials: everything that interposes (raindrops, fog, snow …) serves as a screen that gives a 3rd dimension that Photography does not have. This is why I use matte paper which has more depth than a smooth gloss, and allows me to recreate some 3D vision.

This series is currently on display, with another series produced in Japan at the same time. Maison Heinrich Heine / Foundation of Germany, Paris. Until October 31, 2021. Catalog available. Video from 2’09 “” on youtube and vimeo.

Daniel Anizon

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