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Find here our coverage of all the photo festivals in the world.

Arles 2012: Nuits Photographiques

See and hear everything about the 20th century through Henri Cartier-Bresson’s gaze and impressions. This documentary recounts the century in a chronological way through photographs and film extracts by Cartier-Bresson,…

Arles 2012 – Off: Transit

Nanda Gonzague and David Richard are the founders of the artist collective Transit. Gonzague’s photography is close to documentary, and he takes part in coordinating the projects produced in the…

Arles 2012: Aurore Valade

Aurore Valade builds her photographs around her models’ stories and tales. She stages their daily lives, hence questioning our ways of life and our private spaces. The photographs in this…

Arles 2012: Alexandra Catiere

For the third year in a row BMW demonstrates its commitment to photography through the company's partnership with Rencontres d'Arles. In this context, BMW takes pleasure in exhibiting the images…


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