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Find here our coverage of all the photo festivals in the world.

Reims 2012, Agnès Pataux

Despite the Western misrepresentation of the animism of African religions, they share the belief in one God the Creator who is only accessible through the intermediaries of spiritual forces,…

Reims 2012, Nicolas Bruant

Removed from their social and cultural context, the masks, statues and ritual instruments that we admire in museums are bleeding to death from a lack of understanding. They were not…

Reims 2012, Emilie Chaix

The Bwiti rituals originated in Central Gabon. Several centuries ago It was at once a vision of the universe, a teaching, an organization of society and a therapy. Only admitted…

Toulouse, MAP 2012

Amateur photography has been honored in Toulouse for three years thanks to the MAP Festival. Jean-Stéphane Cantero and Pierre Garrigues, both festival directors, presented the new edition under way until…


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