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Author Jean-Jacques Naudet

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Le blog de SoVeNa,–An Ode to Glamor

Her name is Sophie Boisgallais, and she has fantastic blog, Le blog de SoVeNa. The photographer Claude Guillaumin introduced me to it. Week and after week, Boisgallais shares her favorite…

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John Kobal : The Hollywood Collector

John Kobal was a friend. He was handsome, sumptuous, flamboyant. He lived only for his passion: photography from the golden age of Hollywood film studios. The legend says that whenever…

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Les Sieff: –Family album

Jeanloup Sieff passed away twelve years ago. A collection of his fashion photography has just been published by La Martinière. The book is gorgeous: the images are sublime, the texts…

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Leonard Cohen by Dominique Issermann

There has always been a great tenderness and sense of complicity between Dominique Isserman and Leonard Cohen. For his next tour, which begins tomorrow at the Olympia in Paris, Dominique…

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Polka: will the Loi Guigou be repealled ?

The French Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippeti, has announced the end of a law—’La Loi Guigou’—that limits who and what photographers in this country can photograph, and where…


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