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Author Andy Romanoff

Los Angeles: Flash by Lenny Kravitz

Imagine if you will that these pictures are six feet across, that the faces in them are life size and staring at you with intense concentration and excitement, longing and…

Scot Sothern – Then and Now

What Scot Sothern was doing was…reportage from another universe. His early pictures, the first twenty years’ worth are snapshots from trailer trash hell, a life you never wanted to see…

Los Angeles: Classic Photo

If Photo LA is the big shiny new car in the driveway, Classic Photographs is well…the classics. Some of the best names in the business showing beautiful prints in a…

Photo L.A. 2015 by Andy Romanoff

Getty Photographic Curator Emeritus Weston Naef opened 2015 Photo LA with a ninety minute walkthrough he described as a tour moving us from certainty to uncertainty. He spent the time…

Even Ansel Adams Had a Blind Spot

We all have a blind spot, both literally and metaphorically. Ansel Adams had one so big and powerful that he, Beaumont Newhall and a few others “disappeared” some very important…

Phil Stern Passes On

I saw Phil at his 95th birthday party a few months ago.  I didn’t go over right away, I was doing a story for L’oeil and I wanted to get…

Los Angeles:

There was a lovely celebration of Phil Stern’s birthday and the unveiling of many prints he donated to the Veterans Home of California a few weeks ago. The pictures and their…


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