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Arles 2021 : Marine Pierrot Detry : Belle n.m. Beau n.f.


This summer Madame M. is exhibiting from Paris to Arles via Pradres. So many opportunities to discover his demanding universe of the extreme and the ambiguous.

In fact Madame M.’s name is Marine Pierrot Detry, is a photographer and participates in the most erotic group exhibition of the festival.

Here is the work of Madame M. and the text written about her by Yann Ollivier.

If you meet this lady one evening in Paris, in the after-party of a concert, a wine bar or later in the night near a Parisian club, it is difficult to guess if you are talking to Marine Pierrot Detry or her double, “Madam M” as some people use to call her with deference and as she also likes to sign some of her photos. Marine has not decided which rule she should apply for the use of these two names. No doubt she likes to keep it ambiguous, despite the strong character governing her opinions or comments. But it’s as if everything around Marine and her highly stylized world was organized under the sign of this double or a certain mirror.

Marine Pierrot Detry got this science from her family roots: a father who is a man of the theater – Eden of the eternal tension between private and city life – and a mother both psychologist and model for the covers of spicy spy novels. Marine’s passion for entertainment, costume and fetishism is not a surprise. Adding to that a penchant for the dark aesthetics and cult, for poets and writers from Baudelaire to Lovecraft, her trips into the catacombs, her taste for dark music. She used to attend erotic shows and cabarets, a time when she met friends who remained faithful to her.

​Professionally, theater and Oedipus oblige, Marine knew that she would work in the Arts. And it will be in the musical production and distribution, where she formed the duo “Double Agents” with Yann Ollivier (manager by day, author of thrillers at night) and in photography, the inseparable pairing with her dear friend François Hurteau-Flamand, fashion antiques dealer, who made her the model of a daily life that is never ordinary.
Fashion and dress are something really serious for Marine Pierrot Detry. She defines outfits as a shell to protect yourself from the world, an obvious armour to struggle as defense against the current obscurantism. Every day there is a new outfit, a new costume or a new skin.

So her friendly duo with Aleksandra Lipatova, whom she knows since her teen age years, and who has opened for her the gates of French parisian BDSM clubs, led to a new source of inspiration where discipline and aesthetics met her taste exactly. Marine loves the ritual ceremony of dominating, the triumph of the object and the advent of fetishism. Domination allows her to create a universe of intimate fantasies and possibilities.
Photography is then the logical and essential consequence of her aesthetic research, a process leading to her artistic production. And where her profession forces her to establish rules, limits and order, photography, of course meticulously worked on, allows her to create this fascinating space where the unpredictable and the random reign and where her phantasmagoria can come together.

Yann Olivier



My friends, the photographers

July 4 – August 4, 2021

Curator Pia Camille Cooper

Hotel de Grilles

14 rue de Grilles

13200 Arles





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