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The Eye of Photography is the ultimate digital magazine where everything about photography art is published daily, highlighted, discussed and archived for all professionals and amateurs, in English and French. Its Agenda compiles the most comprehensive selection of photography events in the world (photography exhibitions, art fairs, awards, lectures, workshops…).

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AIPAD : The Photography Show 2022 : Robert Mann Gallery

Robert Mann Gallery, New York, will bring a wide selection of photographs to AIPAD. The avant-garde duo Ellen Auerbach and Grete Stern, known as ringl + pit, created this risqué advertisement image of a women being laced into a bridal corset in the midst of the Weimar Republic. As well as  20th-century greats such as Ansel Adams and Walker Evans to leading contemporary artists such as Cig Harvey and Julie…

Cheyco Leidmann : Eléments de Surrealisme

The historically 'Foxy Lady', is hardy enough to stand this. Cheyco Leidmann’s highly influential work, its influences and impact and how his work shot forty years ago seeded so much, and as color spread so far, this book, reprinted in seven editions and distributed in twenty countries and hailed by Vogue magazine as one out of the nine significant iconic classic art books for the last five decades, intends to…

Opelvillen Rüsselsheim : José Ortiz de Echagüe (Spain 1886–1980) : Photography notes from the past

He was born 1886 in Guadalajara and died 1980 in Madrid: José Ortiz Echagüe was a man of many talents. In 1914, the engineer and balloon and aircraft pilot, took part in the first successful attempt to fly across the Straits of Gibraltar. He also founded two of Spain’s most successful large corporations, namely the C.A.S.A. aircraft factory in 1923 and in 1950 the automobile manufacturer SEAT. At the same…


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