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The Eye of Photography is the ultimate digital magazine where everything about photography art is published daily, highlighted, discussed and archived for all professionals and amateurs, in English and French. Its Agenda compiles the most comprehensive selection of photography events in the world (photography exhibitions, art fairs, awards, lectures, workshops…).

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Photography and the Holocaust: Then & Now – by Robert Hirsch

Essay # 7 LIBERATION by Robert Hirsch This essay examines the role photography has played in shaping a public Holocaust narrative following the arrival of Soviet and Allied forces at the Nazi work and death camps. This piece also scrutinizes the complex emotional, physical, and political challenges the liberated prisoners confronted and how their liberators attempted to assist them in salvaging their devastated lives at the start of the Post…

Cédric Therin

Wake Up One sees clearly only with the heart. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery It is therefore with my heart and my camera that I quite naturally committed myself to diaphragm, in a few images, the absurdities and the disproportionate excesses and the pollutions of our modern consumption which transform us, ruthlessly, into slaves, into machines. Without detour, I have tried to illustrate, with frankness, humanity, sarcasm and…

Galerie 127 : Fatima Mazmouz : Des Monts Et Des Mères Veillent

Until May 21st, Galerie 127 in Montreuil presents an exhibition by Fatima Mazmouz directed by Michel Poivert. He presents her in this way: “Fatima Mazmouz is part of the most recent currents of contemporary creation. She explores the photographic territory as a space where our relationship to science and belief are replayed. But while Western culture experiences esotericism as an exoticism, Fatima Mazmouz draws on her inheritance of North African and…


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