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Corridor Éléphant : Bruno Dumas


Seen on the Corridor Éléphant website this portfolio by Bruno Dumas. He writes :

How to explain, or even develop meaning in a speech where just the second is the most important. The instant, so furtive an instinct, challenges our eyes to what must be, perhaps a good image, a beautiful illustration. But this second, just this second when I think I have brushed against the Holy of the Holy is a silent pleasure. This invocation of the orgasmic “may be” leads me and unconsciously constructs the family memories of my five senses.

This enjoyment, however short it may be, fills me with flavor, smells, words and great inner discretion. It brings real and long-term recognition to “my beau”.

“My beau” is a schizophrenic character with whom I have lived for almost 65 years. My companion for looking at my world, he distinguishes things in my virginal unconscious.

“My beautiful” is the perpetual questioning of my eyes. I find there my memory of old feelings. He scrutinizes my achievements from every angle. It redefines me, calls up this or that buried, or even forgotten, feeling.

These feelings are, through the incessant dissolution of time, volatile, we must constantly run, remake, reinvent ourselves, be reborn. Coming from the world of traces, it is impossible for me not to make reference to this or that master of the visual arts. I continue with “Mon beau” which is an act of survival, of transmission, it is closest to my instinctive instant. I am a visual writer, I only tell my story. I don’t have a message, I never wanted one.

I escape, I travel, I visit myself. . .

Whatever the technology, the means, the translations, it opens worlds to me. I do not choose this or that medium, for me the choice does not exist. Each translation with this or that language brings a new relationship to the same reinvented image of “My beau”.

I look for.

This almost stratigraphic representation, through its algorithmic automatism, reveals to me what I carry, what leads to become what I am. I could never come to a single answer about this or that illustrative image. The countless possibilities offered by classical or digital technology open up worlds to us, but these worlds come from our memory, which is both universal and personal. These are journeys between “My beau” and myself.

Should I ignore them, since I can?

Every day is new, rainy or sunny, every day has a truth.

It is the representation of my existence at this moment. Who alone, decide what is or what is not. I don’t deceive anyone, I gain access to myself. But to believe that it is a single truth remains a gross deception of who we are, there is no absolute truth.

There is never a stop in the representation, just an evolution, a research. A daisy, whether photographic, pictorial, abstract, figurative, or even narrative, will remain a daisy. But it will remain unique to your unique mind. It is the wealth of your “Beau”.

The only thing that has challenged me since the dawn of time is:

Why does my instinct make me do this?

Bruno Dumas


Corridor Éléphant

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