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MedPhoto Festival 2017-2018

Tokiland. A new TOKI housing development in the suburbs of Konya, Central Turkey, 2008 © George Georgiou. Turkey is undergoing a huge modernisation project to house the mass migration from the village to the city that is taking place throughout the whole country.

The MedPhoto Festival 2017-2018 looks into the new identities/diversities that are being born within this rapidly transforming European territory and into the potential of a common European identity, if such an identity exists as a potential or has already failed to exist, as Eric Hobsbawm has said.

Official opening: 13th January, 8.30 pm

MedPhoto Festival 2017-2018 successfully began in September and will continue until April with exhibitions, presentations, workshops, publications, open discussions and various events engaging the local community as well as international audiences by bringing together various partners across fields.

The winner of Medphoto Award will be announced in January and the MedPhoto Nomadic Library, with more than 100 photobooks, is ready to set off for its long journey across Greece.

More information and full festival program available at


Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete

32 Mesologhiou Street, Réthymnon, Crète, Grèce

22 December - 10 March

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