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Emanuele Scorcelletti : Creazioni Visibili


Last time that I wrote of Emanuele Scorcelletti, the man, the creator, it was for the exhibition that the Leica gallery in Frankfurt devoted to him. 

Today, for his first book which takes up a part of his career as a photographer, I would like to make you stroll  among his photographic works. The author of “Creazioni Visibili” should like this choice since he always presents himself with great reserve and he does not like talking about him, only his images take precedence : the message which gets through ? The emotion shared ? Does his photography seduce ?

This book is not a novel which invents, it is not an essay which demonstrates, any more than a fable which moralises or a tale which confronts, we hold in our hands a collection of poetry. The interior of the book is made up of 63 images or 63 poems in the conceptual sense. Understand well, each image is really shaped with light; but, not according to organised rules and grammatical orchestration.

His works obeys the deep and united interaction between the pictorial background of thought and the available form through a representation accessible to all. It is impossible to dissociate the background and the form that each of us receives through the image. It does not matter whether the reader likes or rejects the photograph that is offered to him, an image of Emanuele remains an entity that cannot be split up or shared.

Admittedly, his almost perfect technical mastery is essential and each image must be close to perfection.

The author’s imagination wins that of the reader, then escapes to leave a field open to the vagabond thoughts of the contemplator. Do not wait from the photographs that you will discover, page after page, that they show you, they expose you, they challenge you, they revolt you or that they drag you into materialist or philosophical dialectics.

The photographic creations of Emanuele Scorcelletti absorb all the subjects of his shootings, as famous as they are, for someone or for others ; his own imaginations also erase his personality as an author, to take you away, to take me away, in the country of our dreams, to Wonderland.

The photographic writing is poetic, the choice of works is judicious,  the size is neither too large nor too small, the printing is excellent. The layout appears neat and very pleasant, each photographic poem is completely sublimated on its own page (all the legends are at the end of the book). Only, here and there, are elegantly placed the hand-written texts of this or that personages who appear voluntarily, or not, inside the published images.

It is not the book of one more photographer. It is a book that every honest photographer, or any lover of the photographic art, must have in his library. Let’s understand each other, not to get inspiration, not to learn or to make plagiarisms ; no, just to dream.

Thierry Maindrault


Creazioni visibili par Emanuele Scorcelletti

book [29 cm x 24 cm] of 78 pages, ISBN 978-2-9570566-0-6, price € 40,00

sale on site


62 avenue Jean Baptiste Clement



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