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Zmâla : Signatures

December 2010. Protests take hold on a long-term basis in Tunisia and the dictatorial regime of President Ben Ali, in place for twenty-three years, is shaking under the pressure from…

Zmâla : Riva Press

Riva Press presents Famadihana a series on the “turning of the bones” ceremony unique to the Malgasy people of Madagascar. Ancestors are central to their conception of life, death and…

Zmâla : Temps Machine

They have very little power of speech, if none at all. Their particular body movements are an expression of their personality and seem to come from a make-believe and poetic…

Zmâla : Item

Franck Boutonnet, of the photography collective ITEM, traveled to Argentina to create “Conscienza,” a photographic essay documenting a poetic and political vision of Argentina, a country unafraid to confront its…

Zmâla : Libre Arbitre

To go away. To leave everything behind. To emigrate to another land. The dream land. The welcoming land whose wealth holds out its hand. Those who exile themselves from their…

Zmâla : Dolce Vita

In the beginning, there is the journey. There is the instinctive desire to realise, but not only that. There is also the desire to recount the journey in…

Zmâla : Stigmat Photo

In 2011, according to the «  Estudio de Niños Callejeros » – an official study on children living in the streets- More than 10 000 young people live in the streets…

Miss Rosen –Book Review

Fred Herzog purchased his first camera in 1950 and began working in color to do what he describes as “intimate journalism in a city environment. They call that street photography…


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